What are Home Costs in Woodland Heights?

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Home Costs in Woodland Heights

Home costs in Woodland Heights are expensive. It is one of the premier areas of the Heights. People buy here for various reasons:

  • To be zoned to exemplary Travis Elementary. Most of the Woodland Heights area (multiple small subdivisions) is zoned to Travis.
  • For the uniformity of the neighborhood (lots of 1920’s Craftsman bungalows and old four-squares), very little commercial
  • For its deed restrictions; no subdividing lots in Woodland Heights proper.
  • Lights in the Heights (LITH) is also a big draw, the Christmas time Saturday evening event that draws thousands. There are people who want to live on Highland or Bayland, just for this yearly event.

Woodland Heights Home Cost Examples:

Lot value is still around $400K for a 5000 SF lot, so don’t expect to find much in the $400K range. See my previous article detailing Home Prices.

I show 4 examples here; two are typical bungalows, one is a home built a few years back on a smaller lot and the last is a home currently under construction. I picked these because they are great homes and great examples of what the neighborhood has to offer. Click on links for complete details.

The house below is a quintessential Craftsman style bungalow: low-slung roof, exposed rafter tails, large porch. This one happens to be brick.

901 Pecore St. is on the market currently for $519,000. It is a beautifully remodeled 1350 SF,  3/1/0 built in 1926. The lot size is larger than most at 5880 SF.

Home costs in Woodland Heights-example

Woodland Terrace Bungalow. 901 Pecore St., 1350 SF 3/1, $519,000.

Another, larger bungalow is 707 Euclid St.  Originally built in 1920, it has been expanded and renovated to 1800 SF, 3/2/2. $749,900

Home costs in Woodland Heights-bungalow

Woodland Heights-707 Euclid. $749,900. 1800 SF 3/2/2

Around the edges of Woodland Heights were a few unrestricted lots that could be subdivided. One example is shown below.

2726 Beauchamp is 2814 SF, 3-4/2.5/2 on a 2992 SF lot. It is priced at $549,900. I sold these homes when they were built by Ascent Homes back in 2004. They were gorgeous, solidly built homes then, and remain so now. You have a choice in the Heights: you can get much more home for less money by building up. The land is a huge cost compared to suburban land costs.

Woodland Heights House

2726 Beauchamp. 2814 SF, $549.9K

New construction is popular here, but subdividing is nearly impossible, so new homes are not cheap. The home below, at 1124 Woodland, is under construction. It is 3288 SF + 531 SF Quarters, 5/5/2 on a 5000 SF lot. It is priced at $1,349,000. It is just in trim stage now, so too early for a gorgeous photo, but the builder is fantastic (A&J Designs), so I expect luxury touches and finishes.

Under Construction by A&J Design. 3819 SF 5/5/52

Note on these homes: These are not my listings, I just think they are cool examples of Woodland Heights homes and are worth considering. If the links quit working, it probably means the house is under contract.See my page on Woodland Heights for an MLS Search of homes.


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