Selling Your Heights Area House

Selling your house takes some planning and preparation. It is even more complicated with these older homes in Houston Heights, and other close-in neighborhoods. However, it is not too daunting a task with the right Realtor. The keys to getting top dollar when selling your house involve preparing the house for sale; selecting the right Realtor to market it; pricing it correctly to start with and an aggressive internet marketing plan.

Selling Your Heights House

Selling Your Heights Home – Preparation

I have written several articles that cover the home selling process.  These have just been appended to cover today’s seller’s market. Here is a compilation of these articles involving selling your Heights house or other close-in homes. You may go through them in order, or pick out the topic of interest to you now.

Find the Value of Your Home – Getting an idea of the value of your home is the first step in the home selling process. Use this FREE Comparative Market Analysis tool to find a listing price estimate.

Listing Your House for Sale –  This article discusses a little on selecting the Realtor, but mainly the Listing Agreement, Seller’s Disclosure, Showing Instructions, etc. Pdf’s of these forms are given so you know what to expect.

Prepping Your Home For Sale   Preparing your house for sale is critical. Especially critical in older homes such as Heights homes, Oak Forest and other close-in Houston subdivisions. Here are 5 steps for looking at your home through the eyes of a Buyer.

Choosing a Heights Realtor  to sell your house.  There is nothing more critical than the selection of the Realtor to market your house. This is not a place for halfway measures. Make sure you are getting someone who is sharp, tech-savvy and skilled in marketing and negotiations.

Setting the Price of Your Home  A house price is not set by guessing. It is an accurate analysis of sold properties and a knowledge of market conditions. Here is my solid 8-step process for pricing your house for sale.

Overpricing Your Home  Even in a seller’s market overpricing your home is dangerous. A house can quickly develop a stigma: “There must be something wrong with it or it would have sold by now.” Here are the pitfalls of overpricing your house.

You Get an Offer on your House…now what?  See what and how to negotiate the offer on your house. It has more to do than just price

House Inspections-What to Expect? The inspector will always find stuff; that’s his job. Buyers should be warned by their agent to expect a list of recommended repairs. However, there is always some quirky, unexpected problem. The key for the seller is to allay buyer fears and to deal with the unexpected.

After the Option Period  Okay, you’ve made the biggest hurdle: You’ve gotten through the option period on your house, inspections are done and repairs agreed to.  Everyone is happy.  Can you just coast to closing now? Probably, but a few things should still be watched. Some potential problems to watch out for.

Closing on Your House   The last step in selling your house is the actual closing. What the closing entails is described here, as well as review of the closing statement (HUD-1)

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Poor Realtor House Photos…My biggest gripe.

Why Didn’t My House Sell?!  You probably don’t need to read this in today’s market, but here are some ideas if you are struggling with selling your home.

Selling on Your Own? Take a look at my For Sale By Owner Guide in the Heights market.

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