Houston Heights New Home Prices – 2017

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New Home Prices are Confusing

I make sense out of Houston Heights new home prices by categorizing according to lot size. The bigger the lot, the bigger and more expensive the new home.

Since land cost is huge in the Heights ($50-$80/SF) compared to suburbs ($3-$4/SF) it is getting to be a luxury to have a yard in a new home.

  • Full sized lots (50 ft wide) are expensive and have big homes. The average sold price is about $1.2M. See the Mazzarino home just below.
  • The most commonly built home are those on 25 ft wide lots, ~3300 SF lots. This allows a decent sized house and still have some yard.
  • Becoming more common are homes built on 1800-2000 SF lots. These squeeze more homes onto less land. Also, these are typically built around the fringes of the house where land is the cheapest.
Houston Heights new home prices - Mazzarino Homes

New construction by Mazzarino Homes…$1.275M

See the Houston Heights price table below arranged by lot size:

Houston Heights New Home Prices Mid 2017   
Description$ RangeSF RangeLot SizePrice/SF LP/SP *
Small Lots (~2000 SF)
Patio Homes, Common Drive
$410K Avg.
2213-2815 SF
2295 SF Avg.
1575-1950 SF
1805 SF Avg.
$179/SF Avg.
0.99 Avg.
25 ft wide lots
~3300 SF Lots
$651K Avg.
2400-3700 SF
2858 SF Avg.
2500-3700 SF
3200 SF
$228/SF Avg.
0.99 Avg.
50 ft Wide Lots
5000+ SF Lots
$1.2M Avg.
3314-4162 SF
3769 SF Avg.
5000-7100 SF
6082 SF Avg
$3769/SF Avg
0.99 Avg

*LP/SP = Ratio of List to Sales price

Houston Heights New Home Prices – on Wide Lots

These big homes start at close to a million dollars. The reason is simple: Most lots in Houston Heights are 50 X 132 feet (6600 SF). If a builder is paying $400-$500K for a lot, he is not going to put a cheap house on it. It is going to be big and it is going to be expensive.
The average price YTD in Houston Heights, as shown in table above, is $1.2M. There is currently a big house by Smith Family Homes pending sale at $2.65M. It is 6800 SF on 9900 SF lot.

New Home Prices on 25 Ft. Wide Lots

Houston Heights new home prices are more affordable on smaller lots. Subdividing 50 ft wide lots make land more affordable. New homes can be bought for as low as the $500’s, but the $700’s are more common.

The house below is an example. 216 W 24th St. It is $730K. Built by premier Heights builder HDT, it is 2600 SF 3/2.5/2 plus it has complete 1/1 quarters above the garage. MLS # 81096977. Note: this is my listing along with 212 and 224 W 24th St.

Houston Heights new home at 216 W 24th St

Houston Heights new home by HDT Builders. 216 W 24th St.

Homes on Even Smaller Lots

Because of rising popularity of the Heights and increasing land costs, houses are being built on 2000 SF lots or even less. These typically fill the lot with house and offer no yard. They are also built around the fringes of the Heights where land is cheaper. These are the third group of homes in the table above. The average sold price was $410K.

Houston Heights new home prices: Colina Homes.

Colina Homes. Entry level Heights homes for around $360K


Note: Houston Heights is changing character faster all the time. Of the 250 homes sold YTD in this neighborhood, only a third of them were built pre-1940. The others were built after year 2000. There are many more new/recent homes being sold than the original early 1900’s homes. Such is progress. I’m still keeping my century old bungalow though in Woodland Heights.

If unfamiliar with the Heights/Greater Heights click on this link.

For specific info on Houston Heights see my page on it.

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