Heights Home Buying Process

The home buying  process has changed in the last year or so.  It is no longer an easy-going affair where you slowly look and get accustomed to neighborhoods, homes and prices. Gone are the days of looking at many houses; picking out the best few and going back to look at again. No more inviting friends or parents to look at the following weekend.

Home Buying Process

Heights Home Buying Process

Today you need to know your market; know prices; know a good house when you see it. You and your Realtor must also be ready to jump on the house and make an offer when your ideal (or close to ideal) house comes on the market.

Nowhere is this process more frustrating than in the Heights and other close-in neighborhoods.  Here are a few pages to help you get started.

Starting the Home Buying Process.  The first steps involve knowing how much to spend. How much you can afford (your lender will help with this), and how much you are comfortable with spending.  Next is selecting the part of town and neighborhood. There are older neighborhoods like Oak Forest, Garden Oaks, Timbergrove or Lindale Park. Historical neighborhoods like the multiple Heights areas. If you prefer new, there are in-fill areas of the ones above, or whole neighborhoods like Rice Military, Cottage Grove, Shady Acres. Finally, you want to pick a Realtor. There are some very sharp agents out there. Find one specializing in your desired part of town and check him/her out.

Making an offer has always been a nerve-wracking step.  It is even more so today. Making an offer in today’s hot market is very demanding and I have a page devoted to it. Remember that price is always foremost, but not the only thing to consider when making an offer. See what other factors should go into your offer.

What Price to Offer on a Heights house or other close-in areas?  This has never been as important as it is today. Making a low offer and negotiating back and forth doesn’t work any more (at least in most cases). If you love the house, others will too. Those other people may have been out-bid on other homes and they are NOT going to let that happen again. You are competing against people who know what they want and are willing to pay to get it. About 40% of homes sell within 10 days. Many of those sell on the first or second day. Be prepared.

Buying Heights Land is truly Mission Impossible today. My first page on this covers topics like location, prices, lot size, and alley access. This gives a starting point in this tough battle.

More Tips on Buying Land covers topics such as historic districts, lot clearing, style of home to be built. If your goal is to buy land, then higher a builder, so you can save money. Forget it!  There is no cheaper house than one on the ground, ready to be moved into.

That’s it. I hope these few pages give you a starting point and some ideas to ponder. My team and I are  happy to give advice if you have questions. Rich 713 868-9008

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