Ugly Realtor Photos

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My pet peeve…ugly Realtor photos (Not actually “of” Realtors, but ugly house photos “by” them). I have written about this before and will again.

Ugly Realtor Photo 1

This is the “Featured” Photo!

I realize that we can’t take great photos of everything, but the photos shouldn’t feature the street, garbage cans, closets, etc. They should also be in focus, not shot with your phone as you zoom past the house without slowing down.

If these are your photos…go re-shoot them!

To make this worse lazy Realtors shoot everything with their camera phone, and don’t even know to turn it sideways. Vertical shots may be okay for some things, but if it’s the featured photo (meaning it’s the first photo shown by HAR’s software squishes it into a horizontal format. The featured door and fire hydrant shown here are shown on HAR as half height and double width.


Ugly House Photo 1

Must be Selling a Fire Hydrant

That’s it for now….I’m sure these Realtors are really prospering with their fine work.
For some reason, Lindale Park homes seem to have the crappiest photos. I don’t understand that. Lindale Park is an area I love.
Find out about Lindale park here:
Lindale Park Homes For Sale and MLS Search. This page also has maps, history, house styles, home prices and more.

Lindale Park – The Hidden Jewel gives a quick introduction to the neighborhood.


Maybe the “Soft Focus” was Deliberate


Another “Featured” Photo


Street for Sale, with Garbage Cans & Some Kind of Building in Background

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