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This is my last post on the Chronicle’s Price Trend Survey done recently.

Scattered Older Neighborhoods

Scattered Older Neighborhoods

My first (May 15th)  post gave info on Oak Forest, Garden Oaks and other close-in neighborhoods surrounding the Heights.

The next post (May 17th) covered some of the myriad Heights neighborhoods.

Both of these posts covered adjacent groups of neighborhoods. This last post covers a mixture of neighborhoods. Some close-in (Shady Acres, Cottage Grove), others further out.

House Price Trends: East End & More

Subdivision# of Homes
In Subdivision
Median SFMedian
% Change
% Change
Broadmoor442193581216 SF$111/SF+43%+120%
Eastwood6871938181396 SF$97/SF+21%+20%
Idylwood3191940161564 SF$144/SF+12%+4%
Rice Military102199982372 SF$228/SF+10%+16%
Shady Acres4891945241104 SF$209/SF+44%+45%
Cottage Grove5271940461036 SF$153/SF+10%+14%
Timbergrove Manor16421957981764 SF$212/SF+20%+25%
Lazybrook6641960451715 SF$200/SF+12%+29%
Westbury339519601861811 SF$113/SF+11%+23%
Glenbrook Valley12571959261942 SF$69/SF+36%+31%
These are a mixture of neighborhoods; mostly older and interesting. Taken from Houston Chronicle House Price Survey of 5/4/14.

Eastwood,  Broadmoor,  Idylwood are 3 East End neighborhoods I love.

Idylwood has been in demand for years.

Eastwood has a strong civic group, does a cool home tour, but hasn’t really boomed like it should.

Broadmoor is close to these two neighborhoods, but smaller and less noticed. Broadmoor shows a big jump in homes prices…but not really so. InTown homes built and sold 3 new homes there in 2013. They sold for $339K – $41K. Much more expensive than the typical little bungalow of Broadmoor. These 3 new homes probably  accounted for the big price jump shown.  InTown Homes bought and built on three lots I had listed for sale. I really thought that having these 3 new homes, plus a couple of other new or remodeled homes encourage more building  in the neighborhood. But, maybe not.

Attached a pdf showing everything currently available (one house) and sold since Jan 2013  Broadmoor Home Sales . The 3 new homes on Lawson really stand out.

Timbergrove Manor & Lazybrook are just west of the Heights. See my Neighborhood Pages on these two subdivisions.

Westbury has similar style homes as Oak Forest, just on the south side of town. Glenbrook Valley suffers from being near Hobby airport but has some cool mid century modern homes. In fact, it is a historic district because of this. I haven’t written on either of these areas but they have some cool old-ish homes.

Use these 3 tables of neighborhood prices for braod purposes only; comparing # of homes, price/SF, age of neighborhood, just to get a feel for different neighborhoods and to see how they compare.

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