Independence Heights Demolition

Filed in Heights News & Events by on May 21, 2014

It was demolition day in Houston again. For the past five years the city has picked a day in May to demolish dangerous buildings all around Houston.

Independence Heights

Fixer-Upper: Just Needs a Little Paint & Carpet!

This day happened to coincide with Mayor Anise Parker’s birthday. While the front-end loader was busy in Independence Heights, Mayor Parker was enjoying cake with little traffic cones and bulldozers on it with neighbors.

If you don’t know where Independence Heights is, it is north of the 610 N Loop, straddling N Main.  KHOU quoted resident Loraine Perkins “This is the first incorporated African-American community in Texas and that is the heart of its, its pride and joy.”

KHOU has a video of the Demolition day.

I hope they didn’t tear down my favorite building (above). I have watched it lean more & more over the years. Every time I drive this street I expect it to be gone.

See my recent post on a historic district in Independence Heights.

Also see Neighborhood Price Trends showing huge jump in Independence Heights prices.

One last note: A city employee was quoted as saying it costs $7000 to $14,000 to demo a typical house. I hope they aren’t paying that much for these little houses. If so, they are being ripped off.


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