Heights House Price Trends

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This is Part 2 of Neighborhood Price Trends. This data was taken from the recent Houston Chronicle Yearly Price Trends Report.

Heights Neighborhoods

Some Heights Neighborhoods

My first post covered areas just north of the 610 Loop. Price trends of Oak Forest, Garden Oaks, Candlelight Estates and a half dozen other close-in neighborhoods.

Everyone knows that Houston prices are up, and we all know that inside the loop is crazy, so there is nothing startling here…. Prices are up.

This chart is a lot more uniform than my other chart. Heights area sales are just up all over…consistently up.

Here is the data just for several areas in the Heights

House Price Trends-Heights

Subdivision# Homes
in Subdiv.
% Change
% Change
Brooke Smith8441925491096 SF$205/SF+33%+50%
East Norhill2901924141223 SF$277/SF+7%+24%
Houston Heights307819302071395 SF$252/SF+12%+29%
Norhill4041926201350 SF$270/SF-1%+25%
N Norhill5751928491145 SF$286/SF+16%+26%
Pinelawn1321929141143 SF$280/SF+23%+43%
Stude5351928291224 SF$272/SF+15%+33%
Sunset Heights9461922501072 SF$227/SF+22%+29%
West Heights1661935131152 SF$232/SF+13%+75%
Woodland heights**10681920641402 SF$251/SF+6%+26%
This info was taken from the Houston Chronicle's House Price Trends Survey, published in May, 2014.

The data itself doesn’t mean much. For instance, you can’t estimate what your house is worth, or estimate what a house will cost based upon median price per SF. This data is really best to compare one neighborhood to another. I.e. compare to other close-in neighborhoods on my previous post.

Also, statistical data is always a little shaky when there are few sales. The numbers for Houston Heights and Woodland Heights are good because a lot of homes sold. Under 20 sales though, the results are a little shaky. So, just use it to help get an overview.

**Note on Woodland Heights: I combined sales for Woodland Heights, Woodland Terrace, Woodson Place. It made no sense to separate these.

If you don’t know where these neighborhoods are, click on the Interactive Map in right column.


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