Shady Acres Homes for Sale

Shady Acres Homes

Shady Acres is just west of the Houston Heights, but is a different world altogether, even though it is part of “Greater Heights”

Shady Acres Homes-Map of Sales

History: The original Shady Acres homes were 1940’s variety that typically were very plain, simple homes. Their claim to fame was being on big lots…very big lots. Shady Acres was more rural in character, not in the city. It was advertised as “Buy an acre for the price of a lot”.

It rarely made sense to remodel these homes. The land was more valuable than the cheaply built homes. The typical lot was 150 ft deep; many were close to an acre in size. Most that came on the market were sold to builders. Builders could put up 6 homes where on once stood.
Shady Acres Homes by CMC
Location:  Shady Acres is just inside the 610 N Loop, between Ella and N Shepherd. It is just above Timbergrove Manor, roughly above W 14th St.

Shady Acres Today: Shady Acres is now an area where new construction is booming. They are mostly single family homes, but quite a few are townhomes. Both types of home look similar, the townhomes just have one or more common walls. Both types of home are built in groups with a common drive. The images shown show the types of homes being built. The InTown Homes represent the upper end of the price range.

Shady Acres is booming because it is close-in, and much lower prices than nearby Heights. Land prices have escalated tremendously in 2013 though (as has everything close-in) so prices have gone up considerably.
Shady Acres Houses by InTown
If you are looking for new/recent homes in Shady Acres, you should also consider a similar neighborhood, Cottage Grove. It is south of here, just above I-10.

Flood Plain: Most of Shady Acres is in the 100 year flood plain. Flood insurance can be very expensive in the flood plain. However, the slabs of these new homes have to be built above the base flood elevation. So, the roads may still flood, but your new house should be high and dry. However, always start your home search by looking at map and seeing how close you are to the bayou. Ask your insurance agent about rates for your particular house. You should also ask about any proposed changes to flood maps that might affect your house.

This Shady Acres Page is just an intro to the homes of the neighborhood.
To understand how this neighborhood fits into the surrounding area, see the links below:

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Shady Acres Prices

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Shady Acres Prices

Shady Acres Prices Mid 2014 Update: this post is much out of date. Land prices have doubled, so house prices have gone way up. Original March 2012 post: Shady Acres is popular for new home buyers who don’t like the prices of neighboring Houston Heights. The typical Shady Acres recent construction home is built in […]

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Shady Acres Homes For Sale

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Shady Acres Homes For Sale

Shady Acres Homes For Sale-2011 Shady Acres is just West of Houston Heights. Thus it is just West of N Shepherd/Durham, and just inside the 610 N Loop. There is no resemblance to the Heights however. The Heights has a lot of nicely maintained 1920’s-1930’s bungalows and Victorian homes. It also has a good mix […]

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Shady Acres Land

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Shady Acres Land

Shady Acres land is a good alternative to land in the Heights. Prices are in the low $20’s/SF compared to $30-40/SF for the Heights. A quarter acre lot is available, plus a link to all MLS Shady Acres land for sale.

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