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Shady Acres Homes For Sale-2011

Shady Acres is just West of Houston Heights. Thus it is just West of N Shepherd/Durham, and just inside the 610 N Loop.
There is no resemblance to the Heights however. The Heights has a lot of nicely maintained 1920’s-1930’s bungalows and Victorian homes. It also has a good mix of free-standing new construction homes.
Shady Acres has a lot of 1940’s homes that are maintained in a wide variety of conditions. There is no push for renovations here because most of the homes aren’t architecturally desirable…they are just “okay”. For this reason when older homes come on the market, they are typically being sold for land value. So, what’s for sale are land-value properties and lots of new or recent construction homes.

Shady Acres Homes - Remodeled Bungalow

An Exception to the Rule – A Beutifully Remodeled Bungalow in Shady Acres

There are currnetly ~60 Shady Acres homes for sale on MLS. See this pdf for a descriptive list of these Shady Acres Homes For Sale 11-08-11. I’m sorry i couldn’t put an IDX Search here (technical reasons), but email me if you would like a updated link sent to you.
These homes range from the low $200’s to $575K.

I have another blog devoted to new homes. There is a post on it giving more details of Shady Acres Homes For Sale (new construction).
My 3 minute Youtube video shows images of Shady Acres homes. These are all new homes, active on MLS recently. This will give you a feel for the type of new homes on the market.

The neighborhood of Cottage Grove has similarities to its neighbor to the north, Shady Acres. Both are now mainly new construction. The little surviving homes are not being remodeled, their value lies in the land so they are disappearing and being replaced by groups of new homes.

Get info nearby neighborhoods through the links below:

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