Shady Acres Prices

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Shady Acres Recent Construction on W21

1126 W 21st St -Recent Construction

Shady Acres home with yard

A Shady Acres Home with Yard!

Shady Acres home with yard

This House was Designed to Blend Indoor & Outdoor Living.

Shady Acres Prices

Mid 2014 Update: this post is much out of date. Land prices have doubled, so house prices have gone way up.

Original March 2012 post: Shady Acres is popular for new home buyers who don’t like the prices of neighboring Houston Heights. The typical Shady Acres recent construction home is built in a group with other homes. The lots are typically too big and too deep for a single home, so a lot is subdivided into smaller lots, often with a common drive. This combination of smaller lots and cheaper land prices make Shady Acres more affordable than other areas.

There are currently 36 single family homes active (available) on MLS built since 2005, plus another 12 pending sale. These recent construction homes range from $216,000 for 2022SF  2/3.5/2 on a 1472 SF lot (2540 Bevis St) to $449,900 for 3279SF 3/3.5/2 on a ??? SF lot (I always assume it’s a tiny lot if they don’t want to disclose size) (1347 W 24th).

The “average” price for a Shady Acres recent construction home is $326,800 for 2318 SF house 3/3.5/2 on a 2442 SF lot. For you analytical people, this averages $141/SF; but goes up to $183/SF.

I’m not going to show a bunch of photos; you can go onto MLS for this, but I have one Featured Home. 1126 W 21st St is listed at $350,000 (I don’t know why it’s not $349,900, I guess the owner or realtor has been watching the JCP commercials.) It was built in 2005 and features A YARD! Yes, a Shady Acres home with a wonderful outdoor living area.

3 bedrooms/2.5 baths/2 car garage. 2266 SF home on a 4620 SF lot. $350,000.

I know it’s not normal just to show the outside (the interior is wonderful too), but it’s not my listing, so I don’t have to show everything…just what I want.

05/15/12 Update on this home: It is now under contract.

So, check out Shady Acres as an alternative to Heights or Rice Military (another area with small lots), but less expensive.
Here is an MLS Search for Shady Acres. It is set up for 2005 or newer homes; Shady Acres subdivision. Not all homes will show up here though. Many newer homes are platted with their own subdivision name, not Shady Acres…but, it’s a start.
The neighborhood of Cottage Grove has similarities to its neighbor to the north, Shady Acres. Both are now mainly new construction. The little surviving homes are not being remodeled, their value lies in the land so they are disappearing and being replaced by groups of new homes.

Get info nearby neighborhoods through the links below:

If you are currently looking at Shady Acres or Heights homes, or if you just would like more information regarding the area please call. I specialize in Houston Heights homes and the surrounding inner-loop areas. Call: 713 868-9008

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