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Garden Oaks Luxury Homes-2011

This post follows one I just did on Heights Luxury Homes.

Garden Oaks is a mid-century neighborhood just north of the 610 N Loop, West of Shepherd. Great old ranch style homes on huge lots.

The term luxury home is relative of course. Luxury in the Heights, or Garden Oaks would obviously be different than in River Oaks. I’m arbitrarily calling it >$500K for this neighborhood.

The highest priced Garden Oaks Luxury Home currently on the market is priced at $1,200,000. 315 W 31st St is a new construction Creole style home being built by Joyce Homes. Note: This is not my photo. The house is more impressive than this tightly cropped photo shows.

Garden Oaks Luxury Homes -315 W31st

Garden Oaks Luxury Homes -315 W31st St -$1,200,000

There are currently 12 homes for sale or pending on MLS* over $500K. 3 of these are beautifully restored 1940’s & 1950’s homes. The other 9 are new construction homes either complete, or under construction.  As is typical of in-fill areas of close-in neighborhoods, there aren’t any huge builders out here. These are typically builders who build a couple of homes a year nearby. David Weekley Homes is an exception. Facundo Homes is probably the most well know builder in the neighborhood. They sell most of their homes outside MLS, so they have several more that aren’t on this list.

The attached pdf document shows Available Garden Oaks Homes >$500K.

A Map of Garden Oaks Luxury Homes

Garden Oaks is a unique area’ it was to be “the next River Oaks” when it was first built. If you like the area but you can’t find the home you want try the adjoining  Oak Forest, or inside the loop, Timbergrove Manor/Lazybrook. These are similar neighborhoods…See the following pages for details:

Old Garden Oaks Theatre

Old Garden Oaks Theatre – Still Here, but now a Church

*Note: These are homes listed on MLS. There are others not yet listed with Realtors and thus not on MLS

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