One Story Homes in Houston Heights

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One Story Homes in Houston Heights Are Popular……

….but are not available in new construction. Until now, that is.

Boomers, professionals and families stepping away from stairs“, is the title of recent (2/11/11)  Houston Chronicle article on the increasing interest in one story homes. More Homebuyers Sticking to One Story.
“….After declining steadily for more than three decades, the percentage of single-story homes in the U.S. has risen steadily in the past few years.
Builders in the Houston area and nationwide agree that the boomers are driving some of the trend, but they say it’s not just empty-nesters and retirees looking for one story homes. They’re introducing new plans in response to demand from young families and single professionals who aren’t necessarily sacrificing space for convenience…”
The article was written with the suburban buyer, suburban builder in mind. It is easier to build single story homes in the suburbs because land costs so much less. In the Heights and other Inner-Loop, or close-in areas land costs too much. Tall, takes less land than wide. So, tall & skinny is the norm.
The demand for single story homes has always been strong here. The choice though has typically been between the old restored homes built as single story, or the taller new homes. There are practically no new single story homes. There have been a few built, but these are mainly custom homes. Brooke Smith is the exception. It has had has a few single story homes built. Land prices there are less than most of the Heights, so it is still possible.
This may be changing however. Sullivan Brothers Homes has several one story Craftsman style homes planned in Houston Heights. The plans are by Creole Design. These will range from 1440 SF to 1650 SF, and will range from $330K-$370K. Sullivan Brothers are always on the leading edge of Heights new construction, and hopefully this may be the start of a trend here.

New One Story Homes in Houston Heights

New One Story Homes in Houston Heights

Let me know if I can provide more info on these one story homes in Houston Heights,
or the existing one story homes in nearby Brooke Smith.

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