Heights Luxury Homes: 205 Bayland Ave. – A Bargain at $2,195,000?

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While showing new Heights homes to a client this week, the conversation centered on how the Heights has changed over the years. When I first moved to the Heights, and later started selling real estate here, the Heights never came up in the topic of luxury homes. More re-do’s were being sold than big new homes. The Heights was always too eclectic, too jumbled with junky old homes and warehouses to truly appreciate the wonderful old home that made up the area. Bellaire and West U people didn’t even like to visit here, much less buy a home in the Heights. That’s probably just as many times.

Times Change. Heights Luxury Homes are now Numerous

and even more surprising is the fact that we actually have Bellaire and West U people who live here and love it!
A couple of other things also made me take a look at the more luxurious homes. One was the tragic loss of 2 lives when a huge, recently built home at 1135 Heights Blvd burned a few weeks ago. The owner had this 9000 SF house built on Heights Blvd. as a replica of a historic Virginia house. The Worthington home was prominently located on Heights Blvd. The woman who put her heart into this house is now gone as is her care-giver. What once was one of the centerpieces of the area is now a sad burned space in the center of the Heights
The second thought on Heights luxury homes is on a more upbeat note. The most wonderful house in Woodland Heights is up for sale on tree-lined Bayland Ave. 205 Bayland Ave is the original Wilson house, the developer of Woodland Heights back in 1907. This house has been written about and featured in many ways.

205 Bayland Ave, Heights Luxury Homes

205 Bayland Ave, In Woodland Heights, For Sale at $2,195,000

Priced at $2,195,000, it is obviously the most expensive home currently on the market in the Heights, as well as the most impressive. The 6600 SF house may seem pricey, but the 20,670 SF lot by itself would be valued at $800,000+. Even the 3 car garage and space above it looks luxurious. So, this marble-floored majesty is a bargain.
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