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Woodland Heights Area Home Prices 1st Q 2016

What do homes cost in Woodland Heights? It is one of the Heights’ premier neighborhoods, so they are not cheap. A Quick look:

  • Tear-downs (on a typical 5000 SF lot): ~ $400K ±$25K
  • Nicely done 2/1’s: ~$500K ± $25K
  • Nice 3/2’s: $600K ± ?
  • New Homes: $1.35M ± $.25M

For you analytical/engineer types, a table at bottom of page gives more info.

Gorgeous Woodland Heights bungalow-c

Gorgeous Woodland Heights bungalow-c

Woodland Heights New Home

Woodland Heights New Home

Note: I use the term Woodland Heights the same way the Civic Association does, including Norhill and about 20 tiny areas. See my Neighborhood Page on Woodland Heights for details, map, etc. This area is roughly bound by Studewood, Houston Ave., Pecore St. and White Oak Blvd.

Not every sale or active property went into this table. I explain most of the exclusions below.

I always prefer to look at a market by using “Sold” data. An optimistic, or delusional seller can ask anything he wants for a property, so this isn’t the best tool to use in getting an average price. I used “Solds” for the resale properties, but only a few new homes have sold, so the table shows “Active” properties for new construction.

I also prefer to use the last 3 months data, but this time I used the last 6 months (September ’15- March ’16) to get sufficient data.

Woodland Heights Area Home Prices Early 2016   
Descrip'n$ RangeSF RangeLot Size$SP/SFDOM **
LP/SP ***
$569K Avg.
1722 SF Avg.
5798 SF Avg.
$331/SF Avg.
69 Days
0.97 Avg.
New Homes
On Market Now
$1.36M Avg.
3150-4680 SF
3806 SF Avg.
4900-6625 SF
5412 SF
$356/SF Avg.

Notes on Table:
* Resale home data is for “sold” homes over last 6 months. I excluded a few homes with >10,000 SF lots so not to skew the $/SF
** DOM = Days on Market. How long it takes to go under contract. Meaningless for new homes.
*** $LP/$SP = Ratio of list price to sales price
**** There were only 2 big new home sales in last 6 months (plus two smaller new homes in gated pockets), so I am showing current homes on the market.
If you want to compare to last year, see Jan 2015 Sales in Woodland Heights.
Woodland Heights is one of the premier Heights neighborhoods. For more information on the Heights/Greater Heights please see the following pages:

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