Lindale Park Prices-Early 2016

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Lindale Park Resale and New Home Prices

It is exciting to say that there are some new homes for sale in the Houston neighborhood of  Lindale Park! This has been a long time coming and I think will start to transform the area just like new home construction transformed nearby Oak Forest.

Let me start with the new homes: 4 new homes by 3 builders:

  • 820 Ave of Oaks, by Garcia Builders. $495,000, 1800 SF, 3/2.52
  • 413 Gale, by NuDesign Homes. $519,000, 2251 SF, 4/2.5/2
  • 801 Fairbanks, by Power House. $574,900, 2410  SF (+ Texas basement), 4/3/2
  • 803 Fairbanks, by Power House. $649,900, 2720 SF (+ Texas basement), 4/3/2

I apologize, but the only ones I have visited are the homes on Fairbanks. These are stunning homes! In disclosure, I sold the land to these builders and couldn’t wait to see what they would build.

I think all four of these new construction homes will bring new energy, new buyers, builders and remodelers to the neighborhood.

The table below shows recent “Sold” prices. I used the last 6 months to get sufficient data. I excluded a couple of the 2 bath sales that were “lot value” properties.

Lindale Park Home Prices-Early 2016    
DescriptionPrice RangeHouse SFLot SizePrice/SFDOM*
1 Bath Homes
803-2536 SF
1250 SF
5300-7950 SF
6370 SF
2 Bath Homes
1452-2233 SF
1734 SF
34615-10,600 SF
7761 SF

Notes: *Dom = Days on Market     **The prices of the sold 2 bath homes are skewed somewhat by the sale of 817 Gale for $472,500. This is a fantastic renovation  by Renovative Thinking, a husband-wife team that always sets new price points for their renovated homes.

For comparison, see 2015 Prices Here.

The   images below show these 4 new homes available for sale (as of April) plus one resale home that is beautiful example of the 1940’s homes of the area.

Lindale Park
Lindale Park New Home Garcia Builders

Lindale Park New Home Garcia Builders

New home on Gale St, Lindale Park, Houston, by Garcia Builders

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Lindale Park New Home-Power House Homes

Lindale Park New Home-Power House Homes

One of 2 new homes in Lindale Park by Power House

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Lindale Park Quintessential Cottage

Lindale Park Quintessential Cottage

Lindale Park cottage. Typical cottage style with tall peaked roof, arched doorway

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