Houston Heights Preservation Guidelines-Issued

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Draft of Houston Heights Preservation Guidelines

The draft of  Houston Heights Preservation Guidelines were issued on June 20th and are attached below. See previous post on Design Guidelines Presentation.

These Preservation Guidelines are designed specifically for the 3 Houston Heights Historic Districts East, West, South. (Others will be produced for remaining historic districts.)

Houston Heights Preservation Guidelines

Original Photo- 1845 Harvard St-Tibbott House. Renovated by HDT Builders

These guidelines should be consulted by anyone planning exterior changes to a home in these historic districts, or building a new home here. Thus home owners, architects, builders in these historic districts should consider these guidelines before proposing changes.

The City of Houston Historic Preservation staff and Houston Archaeological and Historical Committee will be using these in approving or rejecting Certificates of Compliance (COA’s). Thus, everyone is using a uniform set of guidelines when looking at changes. This should make the entire process more uniform, transparent and workable.

The Houston Heights Preservation Guidelines are Below

Each one of these sections is a printable pdf covering the 9 sections.

Note: These Houston Heights Preservation Guidelines are draft, not final. They will be presented for comment at the Heights Fire Station and eventually approved with any changes by the City Council.

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