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Norhill is part of the Heights. See my Heights Interactive Map for location.

Houseon Norhill Bungalow Tour

Norhill has always been deed-restricted, so it hasn’t suffered from lots being subdivided. It was also the first Heights historic district, so homes couldn’t be demolished and replaced by monstrous homes.
Norhill Renovation

This combination makes for a more cohesive looking neighborhood. It remains a bungalow neighborhood.

Age & Style of Homes:

Early 1920’s Craftsman Style Bungalows. Quite a few brick bungalows too. A few other styles like foursquares and cottages.
Price Range & Size of resale homes:
2/1 Bungalows: $320K to $490K. Avg. Price in 2014 = $377K for 1230 SF on 5100 SF lot
3/2 Bungalows: $345K to $725K. Avg. Price in 2014 = $498K for 1678 SF on 5200 SF lot
Brick Norhill Bungalow

New Homes:

Almost nonexistent; very difficult to do in this first historic district. More renovations/expansions being done.
Typical lot size is 50 x 100 ft, with no alley access

Number of Subdivisions: East Norhill and North Norhill together form the Norhill Historic District.
South Norhill is not part of the historic district, and is now considered part of Greater Woodland Heights.
Pros: It’s a great part of the Heights…everyone wants to be in the Heights! Deed-restricted, historic district with strong Civic Group. Cohesive house styles
Cons: Triangular-shaped neighborhood, so some streets are squeezed in between N Main and Studewood. See map.
Norhill Foursquare


After WWI Houston population boomed. It almost doubled between 1920 and 1924 when it reached 203,000. In 1920 William Hogg formed a group to build a master planned community called Norhill. (Named because it was north of downtown and elevated above the business district?) The land was owned by the Stude family which joined in the development.
Sears Roebuck Home Catalog
By mid 1924, more than 700 lots had been sold and many homes constructed. Since this was to be a working man’s community, many of the homes built were bought as mail order kits. I even have a reprint of a 1926 Sears Roebuck House Catalog showing. Buy the entire house in kit form (some assembly required) for $1000-$4000, hire a crew of craftsmen and build your own home!


Norhill Home Prices -2012

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Norhill Home Prices -2012

Recent Norhill (Norhill Heights) home sales are shown, and Norhill Historic District is mapped.

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