Norhill Home Prices -2012

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Norhill is just West of Woodland Heights, and shares the predominant bungalow house style. North and East Norhill are just above this area (North of Pecore, East of Studewood). The North and East areas were designated as the Historic District of Norhill in 1999. The map shows home sales of all 3 areas, and thus shows its boundaries.

Norhill Map of Sold Homes

Map of Norhill Homes Sold

The Proctor Plaza Civic Association covers the historic part of Norhill.

Sales for the first 6 months of the year:
There were 5 new or recent (2005 or newer) homes priced at $439K – $999K
There were 27  typical 1920-30’s homes sold. These ranged from $170K (obviously a tear-down) to $542K. These averaged $305K for 1254 SF house, mostly 2 bedroom & 1 or 2 baths.

The two homes pictured here are typical of the homes in the area. The ubiquitous Craftsman bungalow, and the brick bungalow. The brick house went under contract the day it was listed.

Brick Norhill Bungalow

Brick Norhill Bungalow

Craftsman Bungalow

Norhill Craftsman Bungalow-1008 E14th

Norhill is one of many Heights neighborhoods. For more information on the Heights/Greater Heights please see the following pages:

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