Brooke Smith Renovated Homes-A Heights Bargain

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Brooke Smith Renovated Homes-Why Buy Now?

I think Brooke Smith renovated homes represent some of the best values in Heights homes. You can buy a very nicely remodeled house here for what a tear-down might cost in in other parts of the Heights.
See below for examples and 2018 prices.

Brooke Smith has been one of my favorite Heights neighborhoods for years. I love it for several reasons:

  • It has some fantastic old Victorian homes and Craftsman bungalows.
  • It is mostly deed restricted, so no high density homes.
  • Lots are typically 5000 SF and cannot be subdivided.
  • It retains its eclectic, rough-around-the-edges charm
  • Prices are still cheaper than most of the Heights.
  • Most importantly, New home construction and remodeling is booming, pushing up Brooke Smith prices.

All of this makes this neighborhood the ideal place to buy a remodeled Heights home. Gorgeous remodeled bungalows can be bought in the low $400’s. That price would only buy a tear-down in nearby Woodland Heights and core areas of Houston Heights.

Some Examples of Brooke Smith Renovated Homes

See below for three exemplary remodeled homes in this Heights neighborhood. All are on the market now, but I don’t expect them to be available for long. None of these are my listings, just some of the best examples of beautifully redone homes in the neighborhood. All are on 5000 SF lots. If the MLS links don’t work they have probably sold.

709 Walton below, is priced at $439,900. MLS 45356098.   This 1428 SF, 3/2,  1925 Craftsman bungalow has a stunning interior. Lots of French doors going out to 3 different decks. Craftsman details. I have never seen a curved glass tub surround like the one shown on a claw foot tub. A gorgeous house! (Click on MLS for all the details.)

Brooke Smith Renovated Homes

709 Walton, a remodeled 1925 bungalow

I will show you one more bungalow before going on to the price table. 504 Enid  is a  quintessential Arts and Crafts style home. The detailing on it is fantastic! See photos of MLS 70462342. It is 1179 SF 2/2/2, priced at $440,000. Wonderful kitchen with tall shaker style cabinets. Claw foot tub of course.

Brooke Smith Renovated Homes-Craftsman bungalow

504 Enid, remodeled 1919 3/2/1 bungalow

Brooke Smith Renovated Homes Prices, Early 2018

The table below shows some renovated homes that are on the market now (top row), or that sold in the last half of 2017 (second row). These are all beautifully remodeled old homes

I like to use the average price per SF to compare neighborhoods. In this booming, ever-improving neighborhood the average price/SF is about $290/SF. Houston Heights is around $340/SF for updated homes on big lots, so it is a much more affordable area.

Brooke Smith Remodeled Homes

Description$ RangeSquare Feet
Lot SizeLP/SF or SP/SF *DOM ** LP/SP ***
(10 homes)
$623K Avg.
1179-2713 SF
1583 SF Avg.
5000 SFLP $234-$373/SF
$296/SF Avg.
Sold 2nd half 2017
(15 homes)
$440K Avg.
1030-2219 SF
1553 SF Avg.
5000 SFSP $201-$374 SF
$290/SF Avg.

Notes: *LP/SF = List Price per SF.  SP/SF = Sales Price per SF

** DOM = Days on Market (How long it takes to sell). This is kind of a market indicator. During the crazy days of a few years ago DOM was ~30 days. Now it is back to normal range.

*** LP/SP = Ratio of List to Sales price. The avg sales price currently is 98% of list.

One Last Example of a Renovated Home

One last remodeled home to show you, then I’ll give my prediction for Brooke Smith.

410 Tabor is a big, expanded 1930 Brooke Smith home, priced at $799,000. This 2515 SF 4/3/2 is rare in having two bedrooms down (including the master) plus two more bedrooms and a 2nd living area upstairs. It also has an income-producing garage apartment. MLS 38340356. Renovative Thinking did this remodel. This young couple does some of the best remodels in the Heights. Their specialty is the Brooke Smith area and homes around it. You will love their homes. See photos by clicking on MLS number above.

410 Tabor, a remodeled expanded Brooke Smith home

410 Tabor. 2525 SF 4/3/2 by Renovative Thinking

My Prediction for Brooke Smith Home Prices

There are a lot of homes being remodeled in this part of the Heights. Every street in Brooke Smith has homes being renovated. As the ratty homes get renovated and expanded the neighborhood keeps improving house by house. New homes are being built too. This is the true marker of a neighborhood that is changing. Every new house represents a ratty one being torn down.
All this activity  pushes up the prices of tear-downs and vacant lots. This in turn pushes up the prices of the entire neighborhood.
If you are looking to buy a Heights home, this is where I would look first.

One Last Note on the Neighborhood

There are still people who won’t consider moving to Brooke Smith. As I said in my intro, it is still a little rough around the edges. I like that; the eclectic feel is what attracted me to the Heights to begin with. If you want uniformity and cookie-cutter homes, stay in Bellaire and West U. If you want a vibrant Heights neighborhood that is still (somewhat) affordable, and one that will appreciate in price, take a look here. All the homes being built and remodeled are the best indication of its future.

When I moved to Woodland Heights long ago and bought a crappy little bungalow, friends warned me to get a gun and a guard dog. The neighborhood did look a little rough, but I didn’t need either one. Woodland Heights is now a premier part of the Heights. I think you will look back a few years from now and be happy you bought in Brooke Smith.
I also wrote about this area a year ago. There are now a lot more nicely done homes on the market. See my previous post  Brooke Smith Early 2017

Sales Pitch

I live in nearby Woodland Heights. I list and sell all kinds of homes; from run-down homes waiting to be remodeled, to amazing new construction. If I or my partner Linda Miner can help you buy or sell, just give me a call 713 868-9008. If you want advice on different Heights areas, I am happy to discuss that too.

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