Brooke Smith Neighborhood Video

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Video: Brooke Smith Neighborhood

The Brooke Smith neighborhood is a fantastic part of the Heights. It has the same charm and same cool old homes, as neighboring Houston Heights, but at a lower cost.

Take a look at Brooke Smith in this 3 minute video. Look at some of the new and old homes, as well as street views. Brooke Smith remains my most recommended part of the Heights for value. You get the most house for the least amount of money compared to other Heights Neighborhoods.

This neighborhood has the cool old Craftsman bungalows and Victorians of neighboring Houston Heights, but prices are considerably cheaper. But…You had better take advantage of these prices now. Land prices are going up and home prices will too.

Check out my page on Brooke Smith as well as these 2 recent posts:

Brooke Smith Remodeled Home Prices start at mid $400’s compared to $600’s in most of the Heights. Amazingly enough, there are even a couple of new single story bungalows below $500K.

Brooke Smith New Construction Prices are a bargain too.

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