Brooke Smith Mansion for Sale-403 Archer St

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403 Archer St is for Sale in Brooke Smith

Old Brooke Smith Mansion for Sale-403 Archer St. 77009

Old Brooke Smith Mansion for Sale-403 Archer St.

One of the biggest, grandest old homes in the Heights is for sale. 403 Archer St, in Brooke Smith.
I have always drooled over this big old house with the 2 story columns. Rumor is that the developer of Brooke Smith was the original owner.
The current owner Al Martinez was tending to the yard when I drove by and saw the for-sale sign. Al is also the broker with nearby Alco Real Estate Investments, so he is selling it himself.

Al said he bought the house in the 1960’s. The house was ideal for his multi-generation family because it was divided into four units, so there was room for Mom, Mom-in-law, kids. He even later added a garage apartment to house everyone.
Al is still going strong in his 80’s but he no longer needs such a huge space and would like to sell.
HCAD shows the house being built in 1900. It is over 4000 SF and sits on a 14,000 SF corner lot in Brooke Smith. It is an impressive looking house.
Historical note: There was no need for a garage in 1900, since the first cars didn’t come to Houston until 1901. Horse-drawn carriages, mule-drawn wagons and the electric streetcar to downtown was all there was.

1900 was also the year of the storm that killed 6000 people in Galveston. This must have been a truly impressive house back then, overlooking a different world.

We talked about selling price of the house, but since Mr. Martinez has not yet put it on MLS, I will add this info when it is official. It is well over a million dollars though, so no low ball offers please.

If you don’t know this part of the Heights, see my page on Brooke Smith. Also see my Interactive Heights Area Map to see where it is located..

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