Brooke Smith Land Prices Stagnant

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Brooke Smith Land Prices Stagnant

Brooke Smith Tear-Down House

Brooke Smith Tear-Down House

Brooke Smith Lots for Sale

pdf document of Brooke Smith Lots for Sale

Land prices throughout the Heights have been stagnant for the last year. I use this term because there aren’t many buyers out there, but there aren’t many sellers either….just stagnant.

Builders aren’t jumping in to buy (unless the have already have a custom client) but sellers aren’t dropping prices to get rid of it either.
Prices ran up during our building boom and high oil prices. Since the oil bust though, prices have definitely quit rising, but generally have not fallen.
Some nearby areas have seen a drop in land prices (like Cottage Grove), but Heights in general has not had falling prices. There may be a few fire sales (typically estates…the heirs don’t have any money in it, so It’s all profit to them), but prices in general are not dropping. There just isn’t enough land for sale for prices to fall.

For Heights land there aren’t a whole lot of buyers, but there is little for sale, so it’s a stagnant market overall.

Brooke Smith land prices are stagnant too. In 2015 a typical tear-down property on a 5000 SF lot sold for $200K-$225K.
Today, this is probably still a reasonable price. However, only one property has sold so far this year (at $220K), so it’s hard to give firm values.
There are several tear-down properties for sale though. The asking price per SF ranges from $44/SF to $65/SF, with the average Brooke Smith lot value being $51/SF. (I excluded a couple of properties on the freeway, or in the flood plain, and one asking way too much).

The attached pdf of Brooke Smith Lot Sales shows what is available now (A=Active), or sold (S=Sold) YTD for July 2016. Click on link or image above.

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