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Woodland Heights Area Home Sales-Early 2015

Demand is high in Woodland Heights (It is deed restricted and zoned to Travis Elementary) but there was little inventory at the end of the year. Because of this I used sales for the last 4 months (instead of just last quarter) to get enough data to be significant. This represents 26 total sales for Woodland Heights area. (Note: for those of you who search by zip codes, Woodland Heights is zip 77009. This zip code goes from Studewood, east across I-45 to Near Northside.)
This is not strictly Woodland Heights proper, but the area extending all the way to Studewood which encompasses a lot of little subdivisions. See Map of Home Sales.


Woodland Heights Renovation LP=$500K

The sales aren’t easy to categorize, and lumping them all together would be meaningless, so I made two main categories: Renovated resale homes (all of these were bungalows) and new construction which are much larger. The table below gives price ranges for each.

Woodland Heights Area Home Sales-Last 4 Months    
Descrip'n$ RangeSF RangeLot Size$SP/SFDOM ** LP/SP **
$601K Avg.
1118-2736 SF
1798 SF Avg.
5000-7750 SF
6000 SF Avg.
$334/SF Avg.
3-62 Days
27 Days
1.0 Avg.
$1.26M Avg.
2970-4178 SF
3570 SF Avg.
5000-6900 SF
5725 SF
$353/SF Avg.
!.0 Avg.

There were also two other groups of sales that I did not include in table above:

  • Remodel projects: A couple of homes in need of total renovation. My listing at 501 Euclid was ~1500 SF 2/1 with garage apartment. 6200 SF corner lot in historic district. It sold for $475K. 501 Highland was a slightly bigger home that sold for $500K. Both of these are going to be renovated/expanded.
  • Tall/skinny homes: The Byrne St project by David Weekley sold one home (several still on market). These are 7 homes, each 4-story, just being completed on a large, unrestricted lot. (I sold this lot a couple of years ago. The lot was sandwiched between two apartment buildings, so this was highest and best use.)  The homes on Wrightwood are completed and one sold recently. These are also tall homes designed to get views of downtown and Woodland Park. This is the developer who “accidently” bulldozed a portion of Woodland Park so his homes would have a better view. (I think that cost him $300K fine.)   Anyway, both of these projects are in the range of 2900 SF, selling around $670K-$730K. Because land size is small (by building up) prices are in the range of $240-$250/SF.

Pricing property in the Heights is complex. Tear-downs are especially difficult because many sell before getting to MLS. If you need help, or just advice, please give me a call: 713 868-9008. I live on Omar St. in Woodland Heights.

Woodland Heights is one of the premier Heights neighborhoods. For more information on the Heights/Greater Heights please see the following pages:

Woodland Heights New Construction LP=$1.1M

Woodland Heights New Construction LP=$1.1M

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