Million Dollar Heights Homes

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Million Dollar Heights Homes Used to be a Rarity

102 E 5th St-Heights

102 E 5th – Historical Bldg. – $1,900,000

1845 Harvard St

1845 Harvard – Historic Renovation In Progress – $1,245,000

601 E 16th St

E 16th St – Built 2010 – $1,399,000

They aren’t real common yet, but the number of high-end homes is increasing. This little neighborhood has always had its “good, bad and ugly” areas, but it never was uniform enough for the high dollar buyers.

Million Dollar Heights Home

2120 White Oak -New Construction – $1,290,000

The area has transformed though, and the transformation is accelerating. Under construction now is the mid rise on Studewood, mid-rise on Morrison,  the planned mid-rise on White Oak. All these are new concepts for the Heights and signifies the changing demographics. There is new retail going in where  Baptist Temple is being partially demolished, new restaurants and bars opening weekly. This sleepy neighborhood is now wide awake.

I have never seen so much construction, both in residential and commercial properties. Land prices in all close-in neighborhoods have reached new highs. Top dollar for Heights land (in prime location) a year ago was $40/SF, now it is closer to $60/SF, but good luck trying to find it!

All of this is a vicious circle. Lots of people wanting to be here pushes up prices; builders pay more to keep up with the demand and have to get more for the finished homes. Restaurants and shops see the rapidly increasing income of the area and open more storefronts. This in turn makes the area more popular, and so on.

The Heights has long been a cool place to live, but we had no restaurants. We had to cross I-10 to eat. We also had few million dollar homes.Both of these have since changed.

Historically the Heights has had 2-3 homes per year sell in this rarefied range. Last year we had 8 sell. So far, YTD, 15 homes have sold in the Heights for $1,000,000+ and there are 13 more available or pending sale. See the attached pdf list of Million Dollar Heights Homes as of 09/16/13. (This is minimal info: $, # BR’s, # Baths, SF of house & lot). This link is a real-time MLS search of Million Dollar+ Homes.

So, you Bellaire people who thought the Heights has not grown up yet, it’s time to pay attention. (Bellaire people like everything uniform, they don’t understand warehouses and old shops being mixed into residential. Big, boxy uniformity is the way to be for these people).

Being the Heights, where non-uniformity reigns, here are a few selected examples of big homes.

For engineer-types I’m attaching a pdf’s  showing brief info on each. I  also have a link for a MLS Search of Million Dollar Homes to see current availability in all of MLS Area 9. This will include Garden Oaks, Timbergrove manor and Shady Acres if any are there.

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