Day of the Dead, Brooke Smith 2009

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Day of the Dead is a Big Deal in Brooke Smith

January 31, 2014 Update: This is one of the first posts I did on my blog. Since then I have done  several posts on Brooke Smith.  posts on Brooke Smith, and have a neighborhood page devoted to it. This remains one of my favorite neighborhoods.

I hadn’t planned on writing about Brooke Smith yet, but they have a strong sense of community and one of their community events is coming up.  Day of the Dead celebration is just days away and is being celebrated in Montie Beach Park, so come visit.

Brooke Smith is the pocket of homes in the NE corner of Houston’s  Heights. It is within the triangle created by I-45 N, the 610 N Loop, and N Main running diagonally across the two.

The character of Brooke Smith is much like the Heights. Wood framed bungalows and other early 1900’s houses. Some totally renovated, some “remuddled”, and others barely hanging on. It is a working class neighborhood, but has some spectacular old homes. Tabor, Enid, Cordell streets have some wonderful homes.

Land prices are $20-25/SF compared to $25-40/SF in the Heights proper. Thus a similar house here would sell for roughly $25-$50K less than the rest of the Heights.

Anyway, the purpose here was not to analyze the neighborhood, but to mention the Day of Dead celebration that goes along with the hispanic character of the area.

So, here is the flyer.

Day of the Dead, Brooke Smith

Brooke Smith, in Houston’s Heights Area Celebrates Day of the Dead

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