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The Houston Press just published in their blog the Top 10 Heights Historic Buildings. Most of these are iconic Heights buildings, but you never get tired of seeing and reading about them. A couple shown on their site are not the usual. See all ten here: Rest of the Best: Houston’s Top 10 Historic Heights Buildings – Houston Press (blog)

Also see my previous post on Unique Heights Homes – Old Storefronts for some cool old buildings.

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Heights Historic Buildings-Banta Houae

The Banta House on E 20th St.

I have always loved the Banta House on E 20th St. It is a massive brick and concrete structure. It has a Craftsman style, but the concrete porches and columns make it unique. It is so massive looking, it feels like it has been there forever, and will stay forever into the future.

The opposite of the Banta House is the Zagst House, on W 20th. Instead of being low, massive, dark, this big Victorian just soars with its slim turned columns and white paint. Built in 1904, the end of Victorian homes, just before Craftsman homes began to dominate.

I’ve been in the library on Heights Blvd a million times, but never saw it’s architecture. I didn’t even recognize the photo. Again, see the link above to see all ten historic Heights buildings.

The house on Cordell is iconic for Brooke Smith. There are some fantastic, very old homes there. If not familiar with this part of the Heights, click on the Neighborhoods Tab above, and see the transformation that has occurred there.

Rest of the Best: Houston’s Top 10 Historic Heights Buildings Houston Press (blog) Read more …

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