Heights Historic District House for Sale

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Historic District House for Sale – 625 Harvard St

HDT Builders’ Expansion/Renovation of 625 Harvard St is in trim stage now and will be on MLS soon. Trim stage is just that: The trim work is being installed, and cabinets being built. You can now actually get a feel for the quality of work being done. You can walk through the rooms and get a feel for each area. The windows, doors, closets are all trimmed. Kitchen and bath cabinets are being custom made by Sal and his crew at Houston Total Carpentry. Very sharp guys who take pride in their work. Most of these photos were shot today.

The first photo shows front view (this part is original) plus a tiny portion of the 2-story addition to back. The other shot is of the garage with unfinished room above.
625 Harvard St

625 Harvard-Room Over Garage

This house is 2729 SF, 4 bedroom (master & 1 BR upstairs, other 2 BR’s down), 3 full baths, plus an unfinished room with balcony over the garage. The great room of the house opens to a screened back porch.

The porch below will be screened. The house also has a covered back entry, barely shown below.
The craftsmen working on the house are proud of their work and HDT raves about them.
Interior shots will be taken when some of the sawdust settles inside,

Screened Porch of Historic District House for Sale

Craftsmen working on 625 Harvard St

To expand a house in a historic district is quite an experience. The goal is to preserve the exterior elevation as much as possible, but bring in modern expectations of living spaces. Dee has managed to do this. Somehow she has kept the Victorian look, kept the architectural committee happy, made a stunning house, and surprisingly kept her sanity and sense of humor.

The house is coming together now and will be on MLS in a few days. This Heights Historic District South house on one of the Heights’ premier streets is priced at $838,700. Details on this Historic District house will be coming in the next few days.

As in the past, Dee Todd Simmons is overseeing the day to day construction, while Dave Hatcher is the engineer who takes care of the structural questions. The expansion of this house was another collaboration between HDT Builders and Creole Design.

HDT has a couple more renovations starting plus several new construction homes in the Heights.

See my Neighborhood Areas Page on Houston Heights Homes for description, history, location of the neighborhood.

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