Houston Heights Home Prices – Part 2: Early 1900’s Homes

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Can I Afford a Darling Little Craftsman Home in Houston Heights?

Everyone loves Houston Heights. The wonderful little Craftsman bungalows (like I live in); the stately Victorian homes; and the multitude of other styles dating from the early 1900’s.  The mystery though, to those new to the area is how these are priced. “That tiny little wood framed home is $350,000?!” Let me make some sense out of it for you.

We begin with the land….. Land is not cheap inside Houston’s 610 loop.

In the more desirable areas of the Heights(Woodland Heights, Norhill, the Center of Houston Heights) land is currently ~$40/SF. Out closer to the boundaries, it drops to ~$30/SF.

Most original Heights lots are 50 ft wide. Depth varies from 100 ft  (Woodland Heights, Norhill) to 132 ft deep in Houston Heights proper.  Thus at $30-$40/SF, lots sell for $200K – $250K.

This then sets the starting point for homes prices. This is the price of the little tear down, or a home that might be remodeled. One advantage to the older home though is that most of them are on full 50 ft lots, whereas new homes are being built on narrower lots.

Being 90-100 years ago, these homes range from almost “original” condition (scary to most people), to “remuddled”, to beautifully restored or updated homes. 

Typical Heights Craftsman Bungalow

Typical Heights Craftsman Bungalow

What these homes have in common is character and absolutely solid construction. The beautiful wood floors, tall ceilings, wide trim, crown moldings, multi-panel doors, all remain. The fireplace with flanking bookcases stays too. All these can be restored to gorgeous condition. The kitchen is the most heavily remodeled room. Few people like the old linoleum, narrow cabinets that can’t fit a dishwasher, and the nasty old grouted tile. All that has to go! In come the granite, slate, and stainless steel. Yes, the modern old home is here!

Baths can remain somewhat funky. The wonderful, deep old claw foot tubs are a luxury to soak in during cold winters. The hexagonal tile evokes memories too.

I digress. What are the Prices?

2 Bedroom/1 Bath homes: typically Craftsman or Cottage Style.

Most of the 2/1’s are 1000-1300 SF.  Prices for these homes are in the range of $200K -$240K for the “scary” ones; to $250K-$300K for quite livable homes. Remodeled/totally updated 2/1’s are $275K-$325K.

These are okay for a couple, but most people prefer that second bath.

3 bedroom/2 bath homes in the 1300-1600 SF range are in the low $300’s for okay houses, to $350-$380 K for upper end. This comes to about $240-$260/SF.

Bigger 3/2’s are priced at $360K-$450K for 1600-2200SF.

That’s a quick overview. Location is everything of course. A nice, uniform part of the Heights demands a premium. If you don’t mind some rough edges, some bargains can be found. Brooke Smith is a perfect example; see My Page on Brooke Smith.

I’m always happy to help of course, that’s what I do. 

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