Cottage Grove Homes for Sale

New Cottage Grove Homes Cottage Grove is similar to Shady Acres in that it is an area of strictly new construction. It is rather high density because the old homes that were here originally weren’t worth remodeling. They were on big lots however, so they were perfect to tear down and put in multiple townhomes, or patio homes. A group of homes with a common drive is the typical arrangement.

Cottage Grove is an odd area. It was all warehouses and run-down homes a few years ago. Now, it is all new homes. Mainly patio homes, but some townhomes (connected walls).

Cottage Grove Home Sales -2nd Half 2013

Cottage Grove is bisected by I-10, so homes are both in MLS Area 9 and Area 16. So, most are on the Heights side of I-10, but some on the Rice Military side. Some Realtors describe their Cottage Grove listings as being in the more upscale Rice Military.

New home prices in Cottage Grove in mid 2014 are in the $400’s.

See the listings below for homes available in Cottage Grove

To understand how this neighborhood fits into the surrounding area, see the links below:

Cottage Grove Home Prices

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Cottage Grove Home Prices

Cottage Grove New Home Prices Stable Cottage Grove  new home prices haven’t changed much. The typical new home is priced in the low $400’s for approximately 2300 SF home. Cottage Grove is one of those Houston neighborhoods where old homes are being completely being replaced by new homes. It is not like the Heights where cool old […]

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