Lindale Park Update-Late 2012

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Lindale Park Update

My previous Lindale Park update was Nov, 2010. In it I showed 14 homes active or pending. These ranged from $105K –$325K. Most of these were very nice homes.

Lindale Park Update

Lindale Park-1007 English St

I drove through a few days ago and it’s entirely different feel. There were very few homes for sale, and no FSBO’s (For Sale by Owners). There are currently 6 “Active” homes on the market. These started at $124.9K for a fire-damaged home, and went up to $249K for a large renovated home.

I won’t even try to draw conclusions on price per SF. Insufficient data…

One of the cutest homes available is the one at 1007 English St.  A 1200 SF 2/1 on a 5300SF lot for $195K.

Lindale Park Light Rail

Light Rail-Fulton St-Looking N to 610 Loop

Lindale Park Rail Update

Lindale Park Rail Line-Fulton St-May ’12

My guess about the lackluster market is that if people are considering selling, they are holding off until the Fulton St rail line is complete. The street is a disaster now. BUT…the rail is actually being put in place! It is actually going in. It may cost billions (an exaggeration I hope), but it is going in. This should be a cool line. It takes a ragged street and will turn it into a pedestrian-friendly area that should draw people to it. Businesses should improve, and the surrounding area should get a boost. Being a fiscal-conservative, I would hate to see costs per passenger-mile, but the benefits to Lindale Park and the surrounding area should be major!

As I said above; it’s tough to draw price conclusions now, but I recommend you find something soon, before the train brings potential buyers by the drove.

See my  Lindale Park Area Page .

I had someone contact me last week from my blog wanting a lot in Lindale Park.  I told him the cheapest one on the market was $99K. He never called me back after that. That price is probably too high, but he expected a price in the $40’s. A couple of small homes have sold for around $80K in the last year. I would guess that to be true market value for  Lindale park lots.

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