Lindale Park-Northside Rail Opening Party

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Lindale Park Northside Rail Party 1/21/13

The Northline extension of of Houston’s light rail opens Saturday with a party at Moody Park. Free rides on the rail.

Northline Grand Opening Party

The New Northline Rail Grand Opening Party

Lindale Park is Next to Northside Rail Line

Lindale Park Borders Fulton St with New Rail Line

I have never been a proponent of big government projects. They typically serve to spend massive amounts of money and line the pockets of influential people. When they don’t work, then we spend more money to correct the initial screw up.

However, this project may actually be worthwhile. This rail line extends from UH Downtown, up Main St, dog-leg over to Fulton, then up to Crosstimbers. It will actually serve the needs of people living along this corridor. It connects town, residential and shopping…something new for Houston.

Lindale Park will definitely benefit from it. An easy connection to the Northline Commons Mall (the only mall connected to any current rail line) and a connection to downtown. Imagine, just walking over to the rail and riding it to work downtown, or north for shopping. I have always thought that Lindale has suffered from being too isolated. Young people especially like the idea of not driving. Just hop on the rail for restaurants, shopping, partying, then back home…no hassles of cars and parking.
Businesses have suffered during the construction period. The old Doneraki’s Nexican restaurant moved out. Fulton Street is going to be a little tighter driving now, but new business and restaurant opportunities should abound.

I have been watching the rail being tested. Lots of cops guarding the initial runs to make sure no one gets run over during the testing. They are working on child-proofing the crossings too. I believe this line came in ahead of schedule too. Kudos…I stand corrected on saying ALL  government projects mismanaged.

Supposedly (there is my cynicism again) bus lines will be coordinated so connecting neighborhoods can be brought to the rail station.

Anyway, this is the first new line opened in 10 years. Come to Moody park Saturday and check it out. More details are found on Channel 13 video and the Chronicle write up.

See my Area Page on Lindale Park; an area I highly recommend.


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