Lindale Park Prices-2013 3rd Q Update

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Lindale Park Home Prices-3rd Q 2013

Lindale Park has been in the news a lot lately. (If you don’t know the area, see my Lindale Park Page)

Lindale Park Prices

Quintessential Lindale Park Home – on Kelley St

  • The light rail just opened and no one was run over…that’s good. As I have said before, the rail will be a big boom for the area. I expect Fulton St to be transformed as more businesses come to it. It has been hurt a lot by the long construction period.
  • Lindale Park residents have been fighting over lot size restrictions. I can’t say that I blame them. Lindale will be better served if it can get new single family homes, like Oak Forest development, as opposed to massive numbers of townhomes, like in First Ward. The only problem is, builders are afraid to put up new homes because they may not appraise. Time will tell.
  • A big statue is supposed to be on the way to Lindale Park from a recent art auction. “Torch Bearers” was purchased by an anonymous Lindale Park resident. See info here in Twisted Heights.

All of these are good for Lindale Park.

Prices for the last quarter are steady. It’s difficult to judge because inventory is slow, and homes run the gamut from poor to wonderful. In the table below of Lindale Park prices I used only renovated or nicely maintained homes. No ratty homes, no foreclosures.

Third Quarter 2013 Sales of Nicely Maintained or Renovated Homes

#Sold $ Range Avg. $ SF Range Avg. SF Avg $/SF Lot Size Avg.DOM*
6 $179K-$272K $$230K 1036-1450SF  1251 SF $184/SF 7795  SF 34 Days

Averages are more accurate when more data is available, but I think the numbers are fairly representative. The price per SF runs from $133/SF to $217/SF; mostly around $200/SF.  The Days on Market (DOM) is short, but 3 of the homes sold under 5 days, 3 took >50 days.

To see the actual homes used in the table above, click on this Lindale Park Price Report.

There were 4 homes sold “As-Is“….needing lots of work. These sold from $130K to $150K. They were all 7950 SF lots.

The home I used as example of a Lindale Park home is 610 Kelley: a 1200 SF 2/1.5/1. A darling house on a 10,600 SF lot. List price was $260K.

I love Lindale Park. If I can help you buy or sell a home here, give me a call 713 868-9008

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