Lindale Park Home Prices-2017

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Lindale Park, Houston, Home Prices-Early 2017

I say this again and again: I love Lindale Park! It and Brooke Smith are the two neighborhoods I have been promoting for years.

This is a great little neighborhood of brick cottages and ranch style homes on big tree-lined lots. Wide streets and curbs too. I wish we had that in the Heights. It has been called both, the “Hidden Jewel” and a “Miniature West U”.

314 Eleanor, Lindale Park

314 Eleanor, Lindale Park

Here are sales prices in Lindale Park for the first 4 months of 2017. There are never many homes for sale here, so there aren’t many sales to report. For this reason I used YTD numbers instead of just First Quarter. Still, there were only 5 remodeled home sales out of a total of 8.

Lindale Park Home Prices-Early 2017    
# SoldDescriptionPrice RangeHouse SizeLot SizePrice/SFDOM*
957-2397 SF
1611 SF
5300-7500 SF
6900 SF

The price per square foot, like any neighborhood, varies a lot. It varies based upon condition (not all remodels are the same), location within the subdivision (i.e. a home just off a commercial street would be priced less), and lot size. Lots here can vary from ~5000 SF to ~15,000 SF. You get what you pay for.

The best use for this number though is to compare neighborhoods. The Heights is around $340/SF for homes on big lots.

If you compare my price tables from 2015 and 2016 to those above, you can see the average Price/SF went from $181/SF to $210/SF to $220/SF over the 3 years. Now again, statistics are shaky because of few sales, but the trend is definitely up.

Land Prices in Lindale Park

There were a couple of Lot-Value sales too (Homes are in bad shape, so value is in land). These two properties sold for $185K for 5300 SF lot and $205K for 7800 SF. The bigger lot was a bargain in my opinion. Last year was horrible for lot sales in and around the Heights, I am glad to see that turning around.

There was also a big, fantastic new home that sold on Fairbanks for $500K. I excluded this from table.

Anyway, with steadily climbing prices, lot sales (which lead to more new homes or remodeled homes), the light rail line running down the west side (on Fulton) this area is still the prime area for price appreciation.

A house for Sale in Lindale

The home pictured on this page is a typical style for the neighborhood. A 1942 brick cottage, with brick arches. It is also the sharpest renovated home on the market now in Lindale Park.

314 Eleanor is a beautifully renovated home with 3 bedroom, 2.5 baths, 1959 SF on a big 7950 SF lot. This isn’t even my listing. Jennifer Gangeri of Greenwood King has it listed at $500K. In most of the Heights you can’t buy a vacant lot this big for $500K.

See MLS 1998550 for complete details and more photos of this stunning home.


Lindale Park home prices-314 Eleanor

Bright, open kitchen of 314 Eleanor

Outdoor space of Lindale Park home

Fantastic outdoor space

Note, the Houston Chronicle published their Neighborhood Price Guide on April 30th. It showed Lindale Park home prices to be down 1.5% in 2016 (up 71.3% for 5 years though). It has the Houston Heights down 9.7% for the year, and up 20.8% over the last 5 years. Numbers can be deceiving. I think the drop in average price to be a slow down in big home sales. Home sales at the high end sucked last year, so with fewer big homes sold, it affected the average price.

If you want to do a home search, go to my Lindale Park Neighborhood Page and see MLS Search for Homes.

For you engineer-types, I have attached a pdf of all 2017 Lindale Park home sales through April. You can get a quick look at all 8 sales.

If you are looking to buy or sell in this neighborhood or others surrounding the Heights, give me a call: Rich Martin 713 868-9008

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