Available Homes in Garden Oaks

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Garden Oaks Houses

Garden Oaks is Oak Forest’s big brother. (See my Oak Forest page). Bigger lots, bigger homes, generally older. See my page on Garden Oaks describing how it was to be the next River Oaks until WWII came along and changed it.

Garden Oaks Houses

Featured Garden Oaks Home…on W 42nd St


Garden Oaks House with Pool

Garden Oaks Home with Pool

While in Oak Forest you can buy a cute home for $200k; that’s about lot value in Garden Oaks. Expect to pay $300K+ for a Garden Oaks home. This link to a pdf of   Resale Garden Oaks Houses shows the current inventory. These range from $332,800 for a 2125 SF 4/3/2 on a 7560 SF lot; to $699,900 for 3846 SF 4/3/3 on 40,704 SF lot (almost an acre)..

The new home market has slowed considerably here. There are currently only 4 new homes on the market. These range from $650K – $934.5K. The bigger lots make new homes more expensive than neighboring Oak Forest, and a little too speculative for most builders.

The 4 current Garden Oaks builders are: Justin Gordon Homes, Capital Classic Homes, Build 1, and Horace Homes.

My featured Garden Oaks home is 1011 W 42nd St. $428,900 for 2229 SF 4BR 2 Ba with a saltwater pool! (I’m a sucker for a pool). I also picked it because it looks like a typical Garden Oaks home built in the late 1940’s.

If you are currently looking at Garden Oaks houses or if you just would like more information regarding the area call Houston Heights Realtor Rich Martin today. I specialize in the Heights and surrounding areas.. Call today: 713 868-9008
Garden Oaks is a unique area’ it was to be “the next River Oaks” when it was first built. If you like the area but you can’t find the home you want try the adjoining  Oak Forest, or inside the loop, Timbergrove Manor/Lazybrook. These are similar neighborhoods…See the following pages for details:

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