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Brooke Smith is on the eastern edge of Greater Heights, generally between Northwood and I-45. This area has some of the coolest Craftsman bungalows (the predominant style) of the Heights, as well as older Victorians. See my Interactive Heights Map for location.

As I have mentioned many times before, this area is now booming in home remodels and new construction homes. You can get beautifully remodeled 3/2’s for mid $500’s. See the table below.

The new homes here, like the rest of the Heights are getting bigger. There are occasionally new bungalows, but most are now 2-story. See my recent post on Brooke Smith New Home Prices.

The table below gives prices and price ranges for current remodeled homes in Brooke Smith and shows sales prices for homes sold since last July.

Land prices are cheaper here than nearby Houston Heights, Woodland Heights, etc., so prices are more reasonable.

Brooke Smith Remodeled Homes

Description$ RangeSquare Feet
Lot SizeLP/SF or SP/SF *DOM ** LP/SP ***
(8 homes)
$492K Avg.
1280-2314 SF
1717 SF Avg.
5000 SFLP $238-$387/SF
$292/SF Avg.
Sold 2nd half '16
(7 homes)
$475K Avg.
1230-1999 SF
1692 SF Avg.
5000 SFSP $219-$361 SF
$281/SF Avg.

Notes: * List Price per SF or Sales Price per SF
**DOM Days on Market. This doesn’t mean much on new or remodeled homes since they might be listed prior to completion.
***LP/SP Ratio of list price to sold price

Don’t try to use this table as any kind of pricing guide. There are too many variables that go into pricing a home, so use it to compare neighborhoods or to where a particular home fits into the range. I.e.:

  • Location within neighborhood. I.e condition of surrounding homes; how close to commercial streets.
  • Condition and extent of remodeling. Some homes are nicely remodeled, others are stunningly remodeled.
  • Style of home. Buyers love old Craftsman style homes and Victorians. There are occasionally some boxy little remodeled homes that just don’t have the curb appeal.

Below are a couple of recently remodeled homes in this part of the Heights. Details of them can be found on the attached list further down.

Brooke Smith remodeled home

204 Northwood, Brooke Smith

Remodeled Brooke Smith (Heights) home-605 Archer St

605 Archer St

The map below shows current homes active on the market (green), pending homes (orange) and homes sold since last July (red).
Note the little pocket of homes SW of N Main St. These are in Brooke Smith subdivision, but are generally zoned to Travis Elementary. You normally have to live in pricier Woodland Heights to go to popular Travis Elementary.

The numbers on the map correspond to the pdf list of homes attached.

Map of Brooke Smith Remodeled Homes

Map of Brooke Smith Remodeled Homes

See my page on Greater Heights. See my Brooke Smith Page to do an MLS search of homes

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