Brooke Smith – Next Hot Area of the Heights

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The Next Hot Area of the Heights? Brooke Smith

April 2016 Update:This is an old post. Since then Brooke Smith has seen a tremendous jump in prices and desirability…a cool neighborhood.

I write about this neighborhood a lot because I think it is an upcoming part of the Heights. When people ask me about the next “hot” area this is my first choice (Lindale Park and Near Northside are next in order).

I was showing homes here the last week or so and was impressed with the number of homes that have been remodeled and are on the market, and the number of homes being remodeled.There are also 4 new construction Brooke Smith homes for sale.

The photos below are some of the homes that are currently being remodeled or built new in Brooke Smith. I just saw these while driving around. Now, I’ll admit I broke my cardinal rule of realtor photography: “Get out of the car to take the shot!”. In my defense, I was in a hurry, and I’m not marketing them so these are pretty poor shots.

Brooke Smith - hot area for remodeled homes

Brooke Smith House For Sale-Remodeled

Brooke Smith Homes For Sale - Remodel

Brooke Smith House For Sale – Remodel

Hot Brooke Smith-new construction

Brooke Smith is Hot Area for New Homes Too

The point is…there is a lot of activity in Brooke Smith. There are tear-downs (are you looking for a home to remodel?), remodeled homes and new Brooke Smith homes for sale.
So, when you are driving Houston Heights, Woodland Heights and you can’t find affordable remodeled homes for sale, cross Main St. and see what is available here.
If you are currently looking at Brooke Smith or Houston Heights homes call me. I love this neighborhood all of the surrounding Heights areas. Call any time: 713 868-9008 or Contact Me Here
Brooke Smith is one of many Heights neighborhoods. For more information on the Heights/Greater Heights please see the following pages:

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