Lazybrook & Timbergrove, Where $300K Buys a Much Bigger House Than The Heights.

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Lazybrook & Timbergrove Homes

Typical 1960’s Lazybrook Home.

See my page on Timbergrove Manor & Lazybrook for laocation, maps, history, more.

Lazybrook is another close-in Houston neighborhood unheard of by most. It adjoins Timbergrove, just north of 18th St; nestled in between the NW corner of the 610 Loop and the bayou running along E. TC Jester. A small neighborhood, it has 4 entrances and a dozen or so mainly cul-de-sac streets.

Lazybrook is characterized by single-story 1960’s ranch style homes, mostly single story 3-2’s about 1900-3500 SF

A cute look at a time capsule Lazybrook home  (Lazyboys in Lazybrook) is highlighted in a recent Swamplot blog post.

Price Ranges of Lazybrook & Timbergrove Homes

Lazybrook homes range in price now from $250,000-$465,000. Typical updated 3/2/2 is in the low $300’s.  There are currently 10 homes on the market.

Timbergrove Manor is a larger area with 38 homes currently on the market. These to  are generally in the low to middle $300’s for a nicely re-done 3/2/2. This will buy a 2/1/2 in the Heights.

New construction is a relatively new phenomenon here. There are some recent sales in the $600 & $700’s. Solutions 4 Living  recently sold a fantastic home on Wynnwood for $600’s.

Sandcastle Homes has some new patio homes at ~$300,000.

Dirt value is ~$200K if you are considering building in Timbergrove.

Also check out Interactive Neighborhood Map.

Here is the MLS Search for Homes in Timbergrove Manor & Lazybrook.

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