Recommended Houston Heights Homes for Sale

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Houston Heights Homes for Sale – Recommendations.

In a recent post I made fun of Realtor’s decriptive terms, like the word “charming” (I really don’t like that word applied to homes). See Charming Houston Heights Homes for Sale in a previous post. In this post I am continuing along the same vein, in describing how I narrow a search of homes from overwhelming numbers to a manageable list of homes to look at. After doing that I have a couple of groups of resale (not new) homes that I would recommend. I wouldn’t call these charming (for reasons  last post), but some of the descriptions do use that term.
In selecting homes to recommend potential clients I just do a quick map search of the Heights, along with my clients search criteria such as;  price, BR’s, baths, garage, SF, lot size,etc. From this list we cull less desirable homes. The following reasons are the most common reasons for excluding homes:

  • Location, location, location – Too near freeway, surrounded by warehouses, in a junky area? Let’s leave them out of our initial search
  • Ugly exterior Who says you can’t judge a book by it’s cover?
  • No porch – Inviting porches are the most distinguishing characteristic  of Heights home
  • Ugly photos, too few photos – either the house has no redeeming values, or the Realtor was lazy. Either way, why would I promote it?
  • Too little description – same as above
  • Slab foundation – I love mid-century ranch homes. Oak Forest, Timbergrove and other areas have gorgeous homes, but most 1940’s slab-built homes don’t fit with the Heights.  They have to be exceptional to work in the Heights.
  • Needs remodeling – Again, I love old, original condition homes. I’ve remodeled them for fun and profit,  (I didn’t do so well on the profit part), but it’s a rare person these days who wants to do remodeling now
  • Commercial street – There are exceptions to this. If a house is wonderful, it might be worth looking at even if it is on Yale, Studewood, etc. The price should reflect the location though.
  • Dumb Realtor – If a Craftsman bungalow is described as a “Victorian” or a “cottage” it has to be a cool house to make the “A” list. (Another reason to pick a knowledgeable Realtor to sell your house – not your brother-in-law)
  • A crappy kitchen – The kitchen is the heart and soul of the house. It has to feel good
  • Live in now, build later – Confusing to me – Are they saying it should be torn down?

Now, having said all the negative stuff above, there may be some hidden gems in the houses we excluded. If we don’t find what we want, we’ll look through them again. However, we’ll most likely just find “charming” homes.
So, anyway…here are Rich’s Picks (like Vincent’s Picks of videos in a Seinfeld episode-but without the weird ending)
Click on the links below links from These are searches I did for a couple of recent clients. Homes I thought were worth investigating.

These links are only good for 30 days, so, if they have expired, leave a comment or email me and I’ll update them.

Two or three bedroom,  1 bath homes. This is typically the ubiquitous Craftsman bungalow (like I live in).
These are fine for a couple, but real tough once you have a child, or if you have friends/relatives stay over. One bath is tough to deal with. My 29 year old son is staying with me for a while, but we’re two guys, we don’t linger in the bathroom.

Selected Houston Heights Two Bedroom Homes

Printable Map of These Two Bedroom Homes

Three bedroom, 2 bath homes. These are the most popular, but the price jumps up.

Selected Houston Heights Homes For Sale – 3BR/2Bath

Printable Map of These Houston Heights 3/2 Homes for Sale

See My Interactive Map of Neighborhoods for other areas I love.
Note, if you are just starting to look for

Houston Heights homes for sale,

let me know if I can provide help or advice.

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