Long Point Fault Line

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Long Point Fault line

I keep getting requests for a map of the Spring Branch/Long Point fault line. Houston has fault lines all over. Not the earthquake kind, just slow slippage. The one I’m most familiar with is in Spring Branch. I’ve lived there, and sold a lot of homes there so I’m familiar with driving across big dips in the road. It just seems more dramatic here.
This fault is apparently one that slips down, not sideways. There a lot of places where driveways and roads have big drops in the middle. Lots of cracks in slabs on this slippery soil.

I don’t pretend to know much about this topic, but if a house, driveway or street were on a fault line, it should be very apparent. When in doubt have an engineer do the house inspection prior to purchase, or have a good foundation guy (not a salesman) look at it. A typical house inspector would have access to fault line maps if you ask him.

Long Point Fault Line & Houston

Houston Fault Lines

I haven’t found a great map of the Long Point Fault Line, but here are a couple of sites that have some info. The first is a geocaching site, but has several cool fault line maps and LIDAR model. The model shows the change in elevation. Not exactly a Balcones Escarpment, but still interesting.

This second link is a map only, giving more detail. It shows the Long Point fault line and others nearby. It even shows the Pecore fault line in the Heights, near my house.

Anyway, what ever it’s worth to you engineer types, I hope you get some info from these sites.

Also, please visit my Area Page on Spring Branch Homes. Even if you just moved here, you know where Spring Branch is, but if not, see my Interactive Map of Neighborhoods. As always, feel free to contact me with questions.

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