Heights Rentals

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Heights Rentals

Heights Rentals - Not Easy to Find


Heights Rentals are Tough to Find

I regularly list homes for rent in Houston Heights, First Ward (Washington Ave/Houston Ave area), and Spring Branch.

The Heights rentals often lease very fast. If it’s a cute, clean bungalow it rents quickly. The problem with older homes is with maintenance and updating. A house can be old and updated and be a wonderful rental. Hardwood floors, tall ceilings, big windows with wavy glass, nice kitchen and bath…a wonderful house.

However, an old house not maintained and updated is just that…an old house. They can even smell like an old house.

I have seen clean, cheery, nice old homes, and absolute dumps…all asking the same rental price. There is not much sense to the rental market. Again, the cute ones go fast.

Prices are all over the place, but price per SF averages around $1.30/SF per month for a nicely updated home. Thus a nice 1000 SF 2bedroom/1bath home will be around $1300/month. Not cheap, I know. Unfortunately taxes on inner homes are not cheap, so it’s hard to rent them at a low price.

I would like to post Heights rentals here, but they change too fast. There are also technical reasons preventing me from posting an active IDX search just for the Heights. So…just call or email me, and I’d be happy to send you an updated list. Just give me particulars.

There are, however a constant supply of garage apartments ($500-$600/mo.) and apartments in older, but nice Heights complexes ($600+/mo.).

Driving around will turn up some not on MLS. Craigslist is good too, but there are a LOT of rental scams on Craigslist…beware.

If you are currently looking for a Heights rental call Houston Heights Realtor Rich Martin today. I specialize in Houston Heights homes and the surrounding inner-loop areas. If I don’t have what you are looking for my business partner or I would be glad to help you find it. Call today: 713 868-9008

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