Revisiting Old Houses

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Revisiting Old Houses:  50 Years Later.

My brother, sister and I took my 92 year old Mom to visit Lufkin, TX, where she grew up. I don’t remember much about Lufkin even though I visited a lot. I do remember the big old, somewhat creepy, Victorian house that my Grandma lived in though. It may be the reason I love old houses.

Old Houses Can Live On Forever

50 years later, it doesn’t look that much different

Well, the house was still there, and best of all, it was FOR SALE, so we got to visit. It’s not as big as I remembered, but it’s still kind’a creepy. You don’t find too many original condition old homes in the Heights anymore, but evidently you can in Lufkin. 12 ft ceilings, diamond-lite windows, and wall-papered walls and ceilings! They did update the wiring though; it no longer had the old push-button light switches. It seems like I remember some old really dangerous outlets and dangling cords hanging from the ceiling. It’s best those are gone.
The roof was amazing. it must be original. it is some kind of stamped metal, similar to the old stamped metal ceilings in old commercial buildings.
Anyway, here are some photos

Elaborate Trim

Elaborate Trim in Old House

Original old house with wall-papered ceilings

Wall-Papered Ceilings

Fireplace in Old House

Fireplace in Old House

Okay, not quite original condition. Dishwasher, laminate and new wallpaper!

My 92 Year Old Mom at Her Mom's Old House in Lufkin

My 92 Year Old Mom at Her Mom’s Old House in Lufkin

I would love to have this old house if it were in the Heights. However, in Lufkin it doesn’t command our prices. It’s a steal at $52,000.
One last note. At 92 my Mom’s eyesight, blood pressure and cholesterol are better than mine. I guess with a little care houses and people can last a long time.

Get details on this old house at 602 Groesbeck, Lufkin, TX
This earlier post will give some insight into Old Houses in the Heights.

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