What is the Heights Market Like Now?

Filed in Heights Price Trends by on May 8, 2014
Heights-New Yale St Apartments

Yale St Apartments. Soon to be 3+ Acres of Luxury Apartments.

Ashland Square in the Heights

Dozens of Homes to be Built Where Old Steel Plant Was.

Heights Land Cleared

Near the 610 Loop.

InTown Homes Heights Market Conditions

InTown Homes Bought this Land Cheap-Never Again.

Bastian Builders -Chicken Plan

Bastian Builders Should be Applauded for This – The Old Chicken Plant.

Bulldozed Heights House

One Way to Remodel a House

Heights Market-Remodeling

Heights Half-House

What is the Heights market like? I just don’t have words to describe it. Frenzied would be best description.

I’ll just list some developments going on now:

  • Homes I just sold a couple of years ago in the $500’s are now selling in the $800’s
  • Land that I recently listed for $45/SF in Sunset Heights sold immediately for $54/SF
  • There are no livable homes in the Heights for sale under $300k. A year ago you could get a cute bungalow for that.
  • There are a lot of million dollar homes now in the Heights, and many more being built. See my recent post on Heights Luxury Homes
  • Half-houses are everywhere. These are the houses (typically in historic districts where homes can’t be demolished) with the front half still standing, but the rear torn with a huge addition being built.
  • Bulldozers are everywhere. These are no longer in selected areas, but in every corner of the Heights: individual lots in great areas, or big swaths where only warehouses were before…areas where no one would have thought of building two years ago.
  • Builders are begging for land and buyers are frustrated by having to jump on homes immediately after comingion the market.

Look at some of these photos. Most I just took today. This is a tiny portion of what’s happening in the Heights market.

There is not a single part of the Heights untouched.
That’s it. That’s the Heights market.

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