Houston Heights Price Trends & Surrounding Neightborhoods

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Houston Heights Price Trends

The Houston Chronicle issued it’s yearly Subdivision Price Trends on 04/11/10. I extracted data for areas near the Heights,and surrounding neighborhoods in table below.

Don’t look too closely at the price trends if there are very few sales. Woodland Heights for example (where I live) shows a decline in price. What this really shows is that several small homes have sold for lot value (lot value =~$200K+). These are being replaced with $700K+ homes. The data is skewed too because Woodland Heights also encompasses  Woodland Heights Annex, Woodland Terrace, etc., which are not shown.  These should all be added together.  So…use the data to get an idea of neighborhood size (Total # of homes) and rough price range (Comparing one neighborhood to another), but not for detailed analysis.

Subdivision Typical Price Range Price/SF2008 Price/SF2009 % Change Homes Sold 2009 Total in Subdivision
Houston Heights $192-621K $178 $195 9.1% 193 3723
Houston Heights Annex $188-366K $140 $151 7.9% 36 467
Stude $179-829K $206 $204 -1.1% 30 501
Norhill $235-623K $239 $216 -10.2% 19 335
North Norhill $180-340K $227 $226 -0.6% 32 528
Woodland Heights $236-579K $218 $199 -8.6% 19 453
Sunset Heights $142-440K $166 $176 5.7% 50 985
Brookesmith $76-247K $113 $137 20.5% 21 784
Houston Heights price Trends don't Concern Sockie

Sockie Doesn’t Care About price Trends

I would like to provide a link to this article in www.Chron.com but I couldn’t find it. Luckily, I’m one of the last subscribers to the physical newspaper. I enjoy sitting on my porch swing with the paper much more than with a laptop. Also, I can’t swat Socky with a laptop.

My next post will give some other close-in neighborhoods. To find the location of theses neighborhoods, click on the map thumbnail on the right column. This will take you to an Interactive Map of Neighborhoods.  This will also take you to posts on the neighborhoods.

Next post: Garden Oaks, Oak Forest, Lindale Park, Timbergrove, and other near-northside neighborhoods where 1950’s homes rule.

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More later…

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