Sunset Heights Home Prices

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Sunset Heights Home Prices; New & Resale

Sunset Heights home prices are based upon a lot of factors: Lot size is the biggest. A fact of life in the Heights is that if you are looking for a new home around here, it will most likely be a tall-skinny home on a narrow (~25 ft wide) lot. Big new homes on big lots are generally around a million dollars+. The original Heights homes, from the early 1900's though were are built on big lots, so buying one of these and adding on to it is an option.

I recently did a post comparing  New homes on big lots versus small lots. This post is a continuation of that conversation.

The table below gives more information on Sunset Heights home prices: New homes on different lots sizes and remodeled homes.

Sunset Heights Sold Prices 2nd Half 2016  
DescriptionPrice RangeHouse Size Lot Size * See NotePrice per SF
New Homes on Double Lots$510K - $1.44M
$1.02M Avg.
2376 - 4766 SF
3656 SF Avg.
4500 - 6120 SF
5850 SF Avg.
$210 - $326/SF
$280/SF Avg.
New Homes on Single Lots$515K - $675K
$601KK Avg.
2350 - 3296 SF
2692 SF Avg.
3000 - 3120 SF
2030 SF
$187 - $242/SF
$218/SF Avg.
Remodeled Homes$335K - $1.10M
$562K Avg
852 - 3334 SF
1894 SF Avg
6000 - 6120 SF
6015 SF Avg
Too varied - See Note below**

Table caveat: House prices vary widely based upon many factors: style of construction (built on slab vs. pier and beam, 2 story vs. 3 story, front-loading home vs. porch-front, etc.), quality of construction, quality of appliances and fixtures and location. Example: Sunset Heights house overlooking the 610 loop would be less desirable (and thus less expensive) than one further south. So, when looking at prices, don't compare apples to oranges.

One thing you can conclude though: Homes built on double lots (6000 SF) are much more expensive than those built on single (3000 SF) lots. That's why most new homes are close together. With land currently costing $50-$65/SF in Sunset Heights, you have to pay for that big yard


  • Lot Size: Sunset Heights is unique in that its lots were platted as 25 feet wide (x 120 ft deep), but sold in groups of two or three. Thus most original homes are on 6000 SF lots
  • The remodeled bungalows are interesting too. They range from tiny to large; from nicely remodeled to stunningly remodeled, so prices are all over too. For those of you wanting a big lot though, it gives you another option.  I did not give a price/SF for these though because they have such a wide range.

Sunset Heights Neighborhood and MLS Searches can be found on my Neighborhood Page.

The photos below show examples of recently sold new and resale homes.

Sunset Heights home prices-bungalow

Sunset Heights bungalow

Remodeled Sunset Heightshouse

Remodeled house

Sunset Heights home prices-new construction

New Sunset Heights construction on single lot

New luxury home in Sunset Heights

New luxury home in Sunset Heights by Smith Family Homes


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