Sunset Heights-A Neighborhood with Split Personality

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Sunset Heights Home Prices: a Big Division Between New and Old

Note: This post was written back in 2015. It is now mid 2017, and Sunset Heights is still booming.

Sunset Heights had always been a homogeneous little neighborhood with a strong civic group. It wasn’t bothered much by builders…they preferred to build further south in Houston Heights.

Aurora St Bungalow-Sunset Heights

A Gorgeous Bungalow on Aurora St -Sunset Heights

Sunset Heights New Construction

Sunset Heights New Construction

When building hit its stride in the Heights a few years ago, this changed. Builders discovered that the little bungalows were typically built on 2 lots, each 3000 SF. (See why this came about in my Neighborhood page on Sunset Heights.) They could knock down one little bungalow and put up 2 new homes without re-platting. Lots were cheaper here too. All this made a building boom inevitable here.

As the table below shows, the area has a split personality. There are a few remodeled homes being sold in the $400’s (only 4 in 4th Q), many being sold for lot value (not shown in table) and many new homes on 3000 SF lots.
Most of the little bungalows are in “okay” condition. If sold, they generally need updating. But why update when you can sell it for $300K to a builder? It would have to be a major renovation/expansion to make it worthwhile. The location is critical too. If already surrounded by new 2 story homes, who would want to buy and remodel a one-story home?

So…not much remodeling going on. Most homes are being sold for around $300K for land value.

There are exceptions: 845 Aurora is a wonderful renovated/expanded bungalow. It sold for $309K in 2009; I sold it for $374.5K in 2011, and it is back on the market for $599.9K today. It is in E Sunset Heights on a great block with big sycamore trees and a mix of new and old homes.A fantastic home!

Sunset Heights Home Prices 4th Q 2014    
Descrip'n$ RangeSF RangeLot Size$SP/SFDOM ** LP/SP **
$442K Avg.
1288-1967 SF
1716 SF Avg.
6000 SF
6000 SF Avg.
$258/SF Avg.
24-122 Days
80 Days
0.95 Avg.
$549K Avg.
2089-2663 SF
2481 SF Avg.
3000-3600 SF
3100 SF
$221/SF Avg.
0.99 Avg.

I hope this quick look at prices helps you to compare it to other areas.
Sunset Heights is one of many Heights neighborhoods. For more information on the Heights/Greater Heights please see the following pages:

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