Heights New Home Prices-Big Vs. Small Lot

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Buying a Heights Home: Tall & Skinny Vs. Big Lot

Buyers often gripe about new Heights homes being placed too close together. That is understandable, but land is expensive here.  Builders aren't going to put a little house on a big lot (for a variety of reasons). They are either going to put a big house on that lot, or they are going to build two houses at more reasonable prices, Thus, the homes will obviously be closer together. The difference in price of the two choices is huge. See the two examples below, both in Sunset Heights: A single home on a 6000 SF lot vs, two homes, each on 3000 SF.

Note: All the properties shown here are in Sunset Heights. Other parts of the Heights will not the the same price


509 E 27th St Sunset Heights new construction

2700 SF on 3000 SF: $645K

Sunset Heights big new home

3020 SF on 6000 SF-$999K

Remodeled Homes

Buyers do have more options though. You can buy a beautifully remodeled bungalow; buy an original bungalow and have it remodeled;  or buy a big lot and build new. I am a staunch believer that everyone should remodel or build a house once( and that once will be enough). It is a fun, exasperating, delay-plagued process that you will feel rewarded for, but you will seldom do it a second time.

The two homes shown below are similar in style, Craftsman bungalows. One has been beautifully remodeled; the other is awaiting remodeling. Both of these would give you homes on big (6000 SF) lots.

The third option would be to buy a lot or buy a ratty house and bulldoze it. You could then build the size home you want on your big lot. Location is everything of course, but vacant lots and little tear-down houses are similar in price.

Sunset Heights remodeled bungalow

602 Aurora $499K

Sunset Heights house for remodeling

517 E 27th $375K

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