Why Didn’t My House Sell?!

Why Didn’t My House Sell

Why didn't my house sell?

Why Didn’t My House Sell?

I wrote this back in 2011, when market conditions were quite different. Most Houston homes today (mid 2014) sell quickly. However, there are still occasionally problems. The following ideas are things to look at if your house didn’t sell. They are not in any particular order, they are simply to stir up thoughts and give ideas to look at.

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1. Price: Take a second look at price. Maybe it was priced too high to begin with (We often start out to optimistic), or there wasn’t much competition when first listed, and now there are several similar homes priced lower. Re-run the Comparative Market Analysis (CMA). Get a realistic price range for your house at current market conditions.
2. Location: You can’t move your house, but the good thing is any house, any location will sell if presented properly and priced accordingly. On or near a busy street? Could it possibly commercial? If so, make sure it is on LoopNet, or other commercial sites. It backs up to a busy or commercial street? Hide it…a tall fence and giant bamboo will do wonders for the worst neighbors…
3. Condition: This is always a tough one. It needs painting, some updated fixtures? Buyers just don’t want to do any repairs to a house. They want to move in, pick up the remote and watch TV. They don’t even want to sweep the porch! So… ask your Realtor what needs to be spruced up, and do it.
4. Curb appeal: does it just need sprucing up? People will pass up a house if it is not appealing. Make it appealing.
5. Never turn down a showing! All you can have is one buyer. The buyer may be in just for the weekend, or he’s tired of looking and is going to make a choice today. Your house won’t even be on the list to consider if the appointment is rejected. I know it’s a pain in the butt sometimes; it may not be convenient time; but it may be the only time available for the buyer. So think of it like it may be your only chance to show your house to them.
6. Market conditions: What is going on elsewhere in neighborhood? Have your Realtor look at other sales. Is it just your house, or is it slow throughout your neighborhood?
7. Communication: Are you talking to Realtor? Have you bounced around ideas? Two heads are always better than one.
8. Is it easy to get info on your house? Nice flyers for drive-bys? QR code on flyer for instant access to You Tube videos, etc.? Help the Realtor keep that flyer box stocked.
9. Web presence: The web is everything these days. As a Houston Realtor I use HAR.com. Sites like Realtor.com, Zillow.com, Trulia, Yahoo, etc., are extremely popular though. Their mobile apps are extremely well-liked. Videos are a must! Make sure it is listed on multiple websites I’ve gotten leads from odd sites, like HotPads.com. YouTube is a must!
10. Summary: Call your Realtor; tell him you appreciate his hard work (assuming that is true) and a take a fresh look at everything: flyers, MLS info, web presence, and market analysis. Ask what you can do to make it more appealing. Selling a house is a team effort.

So, will it be just one of these items that helps you sell your house? Probably not, so look at them all. I wish you the best, and don’t get discouraged!

Help me Sell My House - Done

Help me Sell My House – Done

Don’t dump your agent when things get tough; but if you want a second opinion on pricing, fill out the CMA form. I’ll be happy to give second opinion on price. The better description you give me, the more accurate my analysis. Fill Out This Form for Market Anaylsis of Your Home.

If you are struggling selling your house, or just want advice, call your Heights Realtor Rich Martin today. I specialize in Houston Heights homes and the surrounding inner-loop areas. I am happy to offer help.