For Sale By Owner Process

House For Sale by Owner-The Selling Process

For Sale by Owners (also known as FSBO’s) have set a daunting task for themselves. Just recently I would have said that this is a near impossible task for most people. Stats have always shown that the vast majority of for-sale-by-owners fail. In the past 85% give up, or listed with a Realtor.

For Sale By Owner Sign

Get Their Attention

However, in today’s sellers’ market (this is written mid 2014) your chances have improved. Buyers are desperate. They will even approach the dreaded FSBO, or more often have their Realtor approach them. I say dreaded tongue-in-cheek, but most buyers are intimidated about buying a house directly from a seller. This is your biggest hurdle…getting buyers and Realtors into your house.

Here are a couple of articles that might help you along the path to success in For Sale by Owner.

How to Sell a House by Owner – Some Hurdles  This is my first article.  Here I give my past experiences with for-sale-by-owners, and some things FSBO’s generally don’t do right. Example; they don’t answer the phone; they have very limited windows for showing, more. If you are selling your own home, read this article.

20 Tips on How to Sell a House by Owner. This discusses the many ways to market your house. You don’t have to do all 20 steps listed here, but pick a few of them.

Selling Heights Land (Lots) by Owner. In this hot market, you’ll get lots of calls just by putting out a sign, but pricing is everything. A few things to do and to be aware of in selling land.

As always, get some advice before starting out. I’m happy to talk to you…Rich Martin