Oak Forest Price trends

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Oak Forest Price Trends

Quintessential Oak Forest Home Houston

Quintessential Oak Forest HomeOak Forest has is very popular for several reasons:

Oak Forest home prices were up 65% from 2010 to 2014.

If not familiar with Oak Forest homes, see my page on this neighborhood.

Oak Forest is very popular for several reasons:

  • It is close-in and convenient
  • It is a huge neighborhood with lots of sales
  • A broad range of homes available
  • The ranch style homes can be renovated rather inexpensively, or expanded
  • New homes are being built all over, pushing up values

Oak Forest homes sales & prices for the last 5 years.

In the table below I wanted to show the trend in prices for the original homes…not skewed by the prices of the big new homes. So I excluded everything built recently.

Thus this table shows price trends for the original 1940’s-1950’s homes.

Year# SoldAvg. PriceAvg. $/SFLP/SP*DOM**
* LP/SP = Ratio of List Price to Sales Price**DOM = Days on Market

Of the 251 homes sold in 2014, a little over half (130 homes) were at least 2 bath homes, the rest were 1 bath. The small 1 or 1.5 bath homes here are very popular here for first-time home buyers. They are great for remodeling too, typically adding a master suite.

In addition to the 251 resale home sales, there were 91 new or recent construction home sales. The little ranch style homes are often described as lot-value even though quite livable.
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